Tuesday, April 24, 2012

T is for Troubling

I know this post is late! Oops.

T is for troubling. And what is troubling? Maybe not so much troubling but concerning was the size of the strawberries we bought the other day. They were the size of my palm.

They're from a company called California Giant Berry Farms.

When I saw these babies in the store I said, "woah, these are mutant strawberries! they must be genetically modified." But nope, I'm wrong:

"California Giant does not use GMO”s. California Giant relies of traditional breeding methods used by University breeders in developing the most flavorful and highest quality fruit available in each of our growing districts. For our customers, this means continued enhancement of our berries’ flavor, size, condition and color."

Nevermind the typos in that quote (pasted directly from their website). "Enhancement of size" ...to enhance something means to make it better than it was before. But who says a larger strawberry is better? Why would I want a giant strawberry? I cut them into bite-size pieces anyway. Why don't you make bite-size strawberries instead? Grow them without the green part so I can just pour them into my mouth like blueberries or raspberries. Or, if you're going to develop and grow GIANT strawberries, make them even bigger and sell them separately like apples! A strawberry apple!

Anyway, my point is: Bigger isn't always better. And the fact that our society (including berry farms) seems obsessed with bigger, newer, faster... is troubling.

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  1. OMG! I must have the same brand of strawberries as you...I don't know, because my grandma bought them for us, and my mom put them out in one of our bowls. I came home yesterday to an apparent batch of strawberries on steroids. XD I know that my mom's a label reader, though, and she probably wouldn't have kept anything too questionable...so I just decided to enjoy 'em. I think the desire to grow "amplified" strawberries of increased size is simply a result of them LOOKING extremely juicy, thick, and tasty when they're that large. To be honest, though, my batch is very good...though not quite as exceptional as I expected. The centers of most of them are too dry.

    "Strawberry apples" and leaf-less ones are good ideas, though. Maybe California Giant can try their hand at growing those next.


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