Friday, April 27, 2012

U is for Unrealized

This morning, I listened to an episode of the podcast Strong, Sexy & Stylish: "What IS Flattering?" Toward the end, Sally suggests that everyone should have a full-length mirror. I've heard this advice before, but it wasn't until NOT having a full-length mirror that I realized how important they are.

Mirror montage

Since moving into our new apartment, I've been without a full-length mirror. I have a waist-up mirror in the bathroom, and that's it. Usually I just try to look at myself and determine if my outfit is matching and successful. But I have also tried jumping to see my butt in the mirror (doesn't work), standing on the countertop (dangerous), and pulling a chair into the bathroom to stand on. So janky.

Nearly every time I get dressed the thought crosses my mind, "I gotta get a full-length mirror." But then I forget.

So today, U is for Unrealized: the importance of being able to see my full body, head to toe, in a mirror when I get dressed in the morning was an unrealized necessity until I went without. Next time I hit up IKEA or Target, I'm getting that mirror.


  1. Yes, that jumping up to see your backside in a small mirror just doesn't work.

  2. I rented a motel room late one night. When I checked in and turned on the lights I found it was entirely plastered EVERYWHERE with mirrors. It felt as if I were in a fun house at a carnival.

    I have a full length mirror, two actually, that serve as closet doors. Of course I can never see in one because my fiance is always admiring herself in it.


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