Tuesday, May 01, 2012

W is for Wardrobe

I want to share with you a company that is very near & dear to my heart, and that also makes up approximately 49% of my entire wardrobe: Soul Flower.

Soul Flower exists at Soul-Flower.com, in Minnesota where the warehouse is, in Iowa where the owners live, and in Virginia where I live. I would even be so bold (& cheesy) and say that Soul Flower exists in the hearts and minds of everyone who knows and loves it. I am one of those people.

My journey with Soul Flower started with me looking for a job. I found a listing online for a warehouse assistant - someone to help pick and pack orders in the fulfillment department of Soul-Flower.com. I had never heard of the site, and never stumbled across the website before. But it looked pretty sweet, I like clothes! So I applied for the job and got it.

Working in the warehouse was unlike any job I'd ever had. The people who worked there were cool and laid-back. They played music all day, and nobody was required to wear shoes :) The next several months flew by, since I was busy with classes and another part-time job. I offered to do some graphic design work for SF since I had some experience. Before I knew it, everyone loved what I was doing and I was offered a job as a part of the Soul Flower family.


So that's the explanation as to why the brand that makes up half my wardrobe is dear to me - I work there! But I don't wear Soul Flower just to be loyal. I choose Soul Flower and I wear Soul Flower because I support what the company is and what it does. It's all about eco-friendly, organic cotton, sustainable and recycled materials, and Fair Trade. Before working there I didn't know what "fair trade" meant, and I had no idea that you could get cotton in organic - I'd only heard of organic food!

To me, it's sort of like eating vegetarian: Once you know better, you want to do better. Other clothing sites and stores have lower prices than SF, sure, but where do their clothes come from? Do they even know? Are the people manufacturing your trendy shirt being paid a sustainable and fair wage? Is the cotton required to produce hundreds of thousands of that cotton jersey tee being grown sustainably?

I feel like I've found the perfect source for all my funky yet thoughtful clothing needs. I'd rather have a smaller collection of clothes I love, care about, and feel good about than an overflowing abundance of cheap, mass-produced, and carelessly made stuff.

Part of what's awesome about working for Soul Flower is that I get to help create original SF designs. In a way, I get to design my own wardrobe - and share those designs with thousands of customers! It's something I love doing, and that I can feel good about. What could be better?

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