Friday, May 04, 2012

X is for Xtra

It's May 4th and the A to Z Blogging Challenge was supposed to end on April 30. So yes, I am behind. And the letter X is stumping me.

So here's what I got for X: X is for Xtra. The misspelled yet commonly used and accepted version of "extra" is "xtra". There are dozens of words like this, and I do not like them. You're not clever for chopping off 2 letters, and you're not saving time. - Before, B-E-F-O-R-E not

Please avoid:

4 (meaning "for")

Public service announcement for the day. That is all.

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  1. Ack. Poor X. It's like, "HEY! I want to get to start more words--this is dreadfully unfair!" It does bug me when people get lazy with spelling, though. I use those abbreviated "words" only in certain situations when I deem them necessary or acceptable (e.g., character-limiting fields such as Twitter's; actual titles, slogans, or other things that deliberately use them; when I'm being funny and ironic; or occasionally in quick, back-and-forth, instant-message-style typed conversations via computer or phone.)

    And, Soul Flower seems like a FUN place to work--and a terrific, principled company producing great-quality (as well as great-looking) clothes. 8D

    ALSO---mmmm, the vegan recipe from a few days back sure looked amazing. I love almost all of the ingredients--I think. I'm not sure whether I'm a fan of curry or of Thai food, honestly. I'm not usually a lover of super-hot and spicy food, but I always find exceptions. I guess you could adjust it, starting off on the milder side. I can just hear Emeril making that and kicking it up a few notches--BAM!

    Couldn't have agreed more about having full-length mirrors, either! X3 I've got one on the back of my door, and it's pretty invaluable. Having to look down in the bathroom mirrors, or stand on the bathtub or counter, or jump, or lift my shoes up in my parents' room to see the full picture gets a mite tiresome. xD I also enjoy having literal walls made of mirror in the downstairs hall/foyer and parlor.


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