Saturday, May 05, 2012

Y is for Year

a year is a cycle; the seasons, the traditions. christmas in december, graduations in the spring.
hot summer nights out on the grass and dark, frigid nights under blankets: both will occur within a year's time.
constant changes make a year fly by: when it's time to watch fireworks, it feels as though it has only been weeks since these same loud lights went off. a distant memory, yet fresh.

it's easy to remember what we did last year. our surroundings offer clues, reminders. but if the people, places, activities, beliefs are new --are different-- the old feels older, more faded than it should.

a year is tricky and subjective. a measure of time, yet different for all.
what feels like a year is defined by memories: a cherished thought kept fresh will always feel like yesterday; a hated memory repressed is an eternity away. we'll call it a year, but only for its logic.
for the things that we miss, they are years, decades away. now detached from that cycle, with no guarantees.


  1. That is so beautiful...;__; It's all completely true. I experience those sensations and thoughts all the time. Last year contained so many landmark events that every time another day passes when I can say, "Last year at this time, I was ____!", I also say, "Wow, it does not feel like a whole year since then." Minds certainly have funny ways of distorting time. All I know is, that the end of childhood and then of high school seemed to cause the span we call a "year" to shorten drastically!

  2. yes! somehow a "year" while in grade/high school seemed to drag on and on. if only we'd have appreciated it then...

  3. *sigh* I know. I'm always wishing I could go back and do it all over again with just a little of the wisdom I now have.


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