Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It's only hair.

Say "no" only when it really matters.
Wear a bright red shirt with bright orange shorts? Sure.
Put water in the toy tea set? Okay.
  ~Gretchen Rubin Ten Tips for Being a More Light-Hearted Parent

It started in 7th or 8th grade. The gateway was Sun In and it quickly escalated to permanents and super bold colors from the drugstore and Wal-Mart.

Hair dye.

Some parents would freak out if you came home with an unnatural hair color. My mom?

"It's only hair."

And I love that. My mom was so cool about it; she even helped me on a few occasions with those at-home boxes of dye.

Her other philosophy, along the same lines:

"It's only paint."

I painted my walls baby blue, and then hot pink and orange. My mom even let my sister paint her room bright pink with blue and electric lime green!

An admirable philosophy straight from my mother. I'll never forget it :)


  1. Your mum does sound cool :)

  2. What exceptional advice. That's exactly the type of mom I'd want to be. Well, mine isn't too bad in that regard, actually. She's bleached her hair since she was old enough to do so because she dislikes the natural brunette. But as for me, I've always been too afraid to try any chemicals on my naturally bright red curls...and most hair colors scarcely show up on it. D: My parents have both helped me try to put colored streaks in, though. So I'd love to have all kinds of crazy rainbow hairs, but have always settled for wig play. XD

    As for the rooms--WOW. Those are MY kind of paint jobs, LEMME TELL YA. My room started out a pastel-ish half-pink and half-purple (roughly...a windsurfing Mickey and Minnie Mouse border separated the two shades.) When I got older I decided I wanted yellow, so my mom and I brought home this incredible Yellow Tang-yellow, a real screaming neon lemon color. Unfortunately, by the time we'd painted about 3/4 of my walls, we realized that store lighting isn't always the most reliable indicator of how a color's going to look in your home. My poor dad got stuck with painting several coats of a lighter, though still bright, yellow to cover up the first one, which was actually just too dark when taking up the entire wall--it cast a yellow shadow over everything else. xD A learning experience...


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