Thursday, August 23, 2012


" is asinine to think that, because we don’t have tons of money or look like movie stars or models or know exactly where we’re going in life or one of any ten million sparks of doubt that are floating out there, we are any less deserving of happiness and fun and joy and appreciation and love."
~You and I: Shred Alex

{ thank you for everything we had }

Stumbled across this heartbreaking photo today while listening to this equally melancholy song:

California Rain by The Rescues on Grooveshark


  1. Oh, crap. The photo...the song...the whole "Dear Photograph" if I weren't already awash in a sudden, unanticipated sea of nostalgia and bittersweetness today...;>; Mustn't sob...mustn't sob...oh, confound it, who put these stinking onions here...?!?!

  2. I know! Sometimes it just hits you. Blindsides you without any warning. Yup, happened to me too :p


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