Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Made-up stories

Sometimes I make up stories about things that happen. Usually I do it to make myself feel better.

A few weeks ago, we rode our bikes to a restaurant. During the 25 minutes we were inside, someone stole the headlight off my bike. It was a homeless guy. He used to have a flashlight but someone stole his a few days ago while he was sleeping on the concrete. When he passed by my bike light, he thought, "oh that will do just fine," quickly snapped it off its holder, and continued on his way.

When we finally decided couldn't keep our three large jade plants anymore, we attached a note to the front of each pot with care instructions and set them down by the recycling bins in the garage. Within a day, they were gone. It was that middle-aged resident who has a condo full of plants. Potted plants on shelves, on the counter, and all along his windows. When he left the building that day, his eyes were immediately drawn to an overflowing of green leaves in the corner of the garage. He decided to take a look. And boy, was he ever delighted to find three healthy, thriving jade plants. "I've never had jades this large! They are beautiful!" He read the notes taped to the pots and immediately scooped up one in each arm with a plan to come back for the third. "One man's junk..." he smiled to himself.

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