Saturday, August 25, 2012

Rainbow Horse Creatures

Recently I acquired this beautiful masterpiece of a print titled "Rainbow Unicorn" by Tammy Street and it got me thinking about rainbow unicorns and other rainbow horse-things.

{ Rainbow Unicorn by Tamisery }

See, this illustration first caught my eye because it reminds me of Lisa Frank (which I love). Lisa Frank actually has a few different rainbow horse creatures.

The first here is Markie, a unicorn with rainbow hair.

Then we've got this rainbow horse. No horn. Just a horse with rainbow hair.
**Edit: this character's name is Majesty**

In the other camp of rainbow horse creatures we've got the pegasus. A pegasus is a mythical horse with wings. Lisa Frank's pegasus of course has rainbow wings.
**Edit: this character's name is Skye (thanks, Michelle!)**

{ Rainbow Pegasus - Lisa Frank }

Let's recap the creature types:
1.Rainbow unicorn
2.Rainbow horse
3.Rainbow pegasus

They all fit within these 3 variations on a rainbow horse.

Then I started thinking, maybe rainbow horses/unicorns/pegasi is an 80's thing. One of my other favorite rainbow horses is Rainbow Brite's horse, Starlite. Not a unicorn, not a pegasus. Just a horse with rainbow hair.

{ Rainbow Brite }

Here's the modernized Rainbow Brite characters. *sigh* The new Rainbow Brite is ugly, but at least Starlite got a nice makeover.

{ new Rainbow Brite }

Checking out Etsy, I found more evidence that the popularity of rainbow horse creatures emerged in the 80's:

{ 80s Selectra Prism Night Rainbow Unicorn } . { 80s Prism Rainbow Unicorn }

Rainbow unicorns, rainbow pegasus, and even an early Markie from Lisa Frank!

{ 1984 Sandylion Pegasus Horse } . { 1984 Lisa Frank Rainbow Unicorn }

They may have been popular in the 80's, but I even found a couple modern artworks with this theme:

{ pillow by mymimi } . { Unicorn Rainbow by MyZoetrope }

Now, take a look at all these rainbow horse creatures. What do they have in common? Some have horns and some have wings, but all have rainbow something. And they're all white.

How strange. Who came up with the idea of a white horse body with rainbow hair? I would make a wager that they all came from the same initial character. But who came first? To find the originator of the Rainbow Horse Creature would take more investigation. And quite frankly, I think they're all sweet. So I'll leave that challenge for another day.


  1. Hmm, the great Mystery of the Rainbow Equines...that is a good question. Which one started it? I'm not sure what the first one was, either. Of course, the reigning one nowadays is G4 Rainbow Dash, a light blue Pegasus pony with rainbow-striped mane and tail. ;) I love Markie, Rainbow Majesty, and Skye (Lisa's also got the filly Lollipop, who's white with purple hair and rainbow-colored Appaloosa-like spotted markings.)

    I did notice that most of them are white with rainbow hair. I suppose that contrasting solid white (which is really a combination of all colors) with the individual stripes of each in the hair is just a good look that was copied several times? Or at least, the idea of colorful horses/unicorns/Pegasi was definitely conceived by more than one person. A solid black coat would probably look quite nice as well. I also notice that they changed the color order and added purple into Starlite's mane. She still looks great, but yeah, poor Rainbow Brite. They just had to try and give her an older, more "fashionable" look. Like Strawberry Shortcake. The new version kinda looks like a Lisa Frank girl--not Bratz level, but still trying to be more "stylish" than the cute original.

    It certainly seems like an 80s thing. 8-) I have a big 80s Lisa Frank sticker staring at me from the side of my bookcase right now, actually, and it's got a rainbow-maned PINK unicorn with a white blaze. One of Markie's colorful-haired ancestors, doubtless. This one lacks purple in the hair as well.

  2. Indeed, I did take a look at the My Little Pony Rainbow Dash character -- but didn't include her since she was blue and not white :p

    Thanks for the reminder on the Lisa Frank pegasus character: Skye! Totally slipped my mind! I added that into the description.

    And the "fashion-ized" Rainbow Brite-- a post on comparisons with awesome originals vs. sexified new characters may be in order...

  3. Yeah, the earlier version of Rainbow Dash had a similar color scheme. I can't think of an MLP fitting the specific white coat/rainbow hair pattern, actually.

    No problem. :) My knowledge of Lisa Frank characters and designs is almost sickening, but if I can use it to help fellow fans, why not? XD

    Heh heh...that's an interesting observation, no doubt...:/

  4. You forgot my favorite rainbow equine, Whisper the Winged Unicorn! The little square books (With stickers!) were one of my favorite books to order from the special book order thingies we'd get in school...back in--you guessed it--the 80s. :-D

    1. Whisper the Winged Unicorn is a gem! Maybe I'll have to do a rainbow horse creature post round #2 :)


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