Monday, August 20, 2012

Unexpected Monday delights

I'm not a big swooning fan of bridal fashion (ugh, I hate the word swoon), but this shot from Ruche's newest bridal lookbook caught my eye. It's beautiful.

{ Ruche : Lace & Lavender }

The only thing that would make it better is if her hand looked more graceful. Ever since I read this article with tips on how to pose hands in photography, I keep noticing big wide manly hands in photos all over the place. I hope this ultra-sensitivity to hands wears off, because it's annoying. Hands are hands! They look how they look!

The Metropolitan Museum of Art has photos of their collection online.
I got sucked in! There is so much to look at. What an awesome resource for finding inspiration for your next tattoo!... inspiration for designs, patterns, illustrations, color palettes, line, printmaking, photography... Good stuff.

A few finds:

I love this color palette:

{ Katsukawa Shunchô }

Awesome movement:

{ Loie Fuller Dancing by Samuel Joshua Beckett }

Amazing little red cocktail dress from the 50's:

{ Cocktail Ensemble by Mainbocher }

Creepy old photo (why do all old pictures look ghostly?) with a photogram of ferns as a border:

{ Thereza Dillwyn Llewelyn with Her Microscope by John Dillwyn Llewelyn }

And lastly, this funny little art deco illustration from 1921:

{ Auguste H. Thomas }

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