Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How to Cook Tempeh Diagram

Until the day when I finally make a video of how to cook tempeh, here is a quick&dirty diagram for all you wannabe tempeh lovers out there! Personally, I love tempeh and think that it tastes pretty good just toasted up with some spices (as in these directions).

Obviously I'm not an expert cook, but these are the directions that I repeat to my boyfriend when he's about to cook tempeh.

Ideas for ways to eat these delicious cubes of soy are at the end.

Stole some pics from:
The Laziest Vegan
Myself, from my previous post: First tempeh ever


  1. If you love tempeh, check out this awesome recipe! Super good and vegan!

  2. Well those look freakin' delicious. My stomach just growled! We've made regular lasagna with "ground" tempeh before, and it is tasty. But these look way quicker than putting together a traditional lasagna. Thanks, J Hawk! ;)

  3. Since Tempeh is less processed than tofu, it's healthier in general, not to mention it has more protein and fiber than tofu. The protein in this soy food is excellent for diabetic patients, who tend to have problems with animal sources of protein.



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