Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Pink Dip Dyed Hair!

After years of gorgeous pink hair inspiration, I finally took a leap of faith and dyed my own hair hot pink!

I was mostly inspired by this tutorial, and followed the same basic instructions she explains.

The kit I used is called Splat Pink Fetish, and after searching for it at local stores, I eventually bought it online from Walmart for about $11 total (including shipping!).

Basically I was going for a "feathered" look. I put the bleach about half-way up my hair length, and the pink about 2/3rds of the way up the bleached part.

After I did the bleaching step, I realized some of my hair was still a golden yellow, while some of it (the parts that had more bleach goo on it) were a lighter white. So I did a second (shorter) round of bleaching just to get those pieces lighter.

I did just one round of pink, and it looks awesome! I still have pink dye left, and the Splat website says you can keep it for up to a year for touch-ups.

Obviously I'm not an expert, and neither is my boyfriend (who helped me), so I think we definitely could have done a better job with the feathering. The gradient between my natural hair and the blonde could be softer. But I'm not upset about how it turned out at all.

A few tips!
  • The bleach bleaches everything, so wear something crappy.
  • Use regular tin foil or plastic wrap to wrap up sections so the dye doesn't splotch all over the rest of your hair.
  • If you're scared of dyeing your own hair a fantastically bright color, go to a salon :)


  1. Oh that looks so good, and its really vibrant too, sometimes its hard to get it like that. I really wanted to try dip dye too but I was worried it would damage my hair. I got these instead - I&K dip dye hair extensions They’re available at Hairtrade.com and there's some gorgeous colours. I got the turquoise one! Kate x

  2. AHHHHHHH-mazing!!! That is so vibrant and feathery and gorgeous!! I've always loved hot pink or pretty much any other funky-colored hair. I bought some temporary "Urban Shock" tubes of purple and fuchsia goop to try on mine as well as some other royal blue tub once upon a time, but all three did little but make my hair look somewhat darker in places. D: In the right light you could see the pink and purple streaks, but they weren't outstanding and noticeable. I'm too afraid to bleach my red hair, even though yours looks lovely and I do like light blonde hair. Maybe my colors will look a wee bit better and show up slightly more if I use them after straightening my hair and/or have it a little wavy like this.

  3. The dip dyeing does seem a very wise and beneficial method, though, as opposed to coloring the hair from root to tip...maybe if I decide to cut my hair in the future, I could just try bleaching the bottom portion that's going to be cut anyway first, and see how it looks. :D Thanks for the good idea, haha.

  4. Michelle~ thanks! You should totally try to bleach the ends of your hair (before you chop them off)! That's an awesome idea to experiment with it if you're nervous :)

    I've only ever bleached my hair once before in my life, and it was when I was in 8th grade and my hair was less than 2 inches long (super short!) I wasn't scared then because I knew I could easily re-dye it some other color.

  5. Yeah, I'm really going to have to remember that idea. I'm just letting it be as long as it wants, but at some point I'm sure my stylist will have to take a bit more off the bottom, and I'll get her to let me try the bleaching first. ^^ Even just a little would be a good experience...ha, ha! Cool. That must have been freeing. :3 I've had my hair cut super-short a few times and usually liked that look, too. I just saw four Splat colors tonight at RiteAid. My mom bleaches her hair constantly (she never liked her natural brunette), so I joked that she should try one. Too bad that'd never happen. D;

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