Friday, October 26, 2012

Childhood Halloween Costumes

The guys on Mash the 90s were talking about Halloween and all the sweet costumes they wore as kids... and it got me thinking about my past Halloween costumes.

my younger sister as a ballerina (cuuute!) and me in regular clothes as a dalmatian:

My mom took a lot of pictures of us growing up, and I've been working on scanning all her old photo albums. So let's take a trip down memory lane, shall we?

Costumes I remember sporting back in the day:
  • dalmatian
  • ballerina
  • witch (probably my most popular costume)
  • angel
  • genie
  • ladybug
  • UPS delivery man (no pics, sorry... just imagine a 10-year-old girl wearing her dad's UPS uniform. there ya go)
  • wizard!


my older brother dressed as... Paul Bunyan? and me as a ballerina princess... or something:


me in what was probably my very first witch costume. with a green face:

witch II

yet another witch costume - made by my mom:


store-bought angel costume. my sister is Jasmine. amazing makeup by my mom!


a genie with attitude. someone wasn't happy!


this wizard costume is one of my coolest (sister is an angel): it was inspired by this awesome art print that i had hanging in my bedroom: And those are all the Halloween costume pics I could find. Halloween is way more fun as a kid, and the costumes are so much cooler. I'd take dressing up like a wizard with a homemade pointy hat over dressing up in lingerie + animal ears for Halloween any day.


  1. LOVE this post! So good. Those pics are so classic. I'll have to show you some of mine sometime. Love the art print hanging on your wall (of course it was) and the dalmatian is my fave. for sure. Oh, and your new banner is amazing!!!

  2. Thanks, J Hawk! I had forgotten that I was even a dalmatian until my mom found the picture. Then I was wishing I had polka-dotted leggings and shirt in my closet TODAY so I would have an easy Halloween costume for this weekend!

    I like my new banner, too! I went a little Lisa Frank-inspired... but with my own twist :) Also, I now own!

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  4. Ahh, such fun costumes! I just love looking at old photographs. I wound up using 3 childhood Halloween ones for my little brother's page in the yearbook. x3 That Dalmatian was clever! I actually did the same thing last year--came up with a list of every costume I've ever done. I was a very similar genie, except mine was fuchsia. ^-^


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