Wednesday, November 07, 2012

5 bucks off art prints

Normally I don't push this sort of thing, but it's a pretty good deal for YOU (if you're in the market for art prints, that is), so I thought I'd share:

Now through Sunday 11/11
get $5 off
my art prints on Society 6!

I don't have a crapload of prints up on Society6 yet, but just a few. Just trying it out since it seems like such easy passive income :) And who doesn't want that?!

See all 9 of my prints here!

thanks for reading my blatant self-promotion blog post.
seems like cheating for NaBloPoMo but too bad; i'm still counting it.

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  1. You SHOULD promote your art! That is not cheating at all...lookin' great! These are sweet. Keep promoting!


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