Wednesday, November 14, 2012

90s snacks i wish were still alive

Some of these treats may not be dead, but to me? they pretty much are. I don't eat a lot of candy or sweets these days, but growing up I definitely did. So these are the snacks of my childhood (the 90s) that I have fond memories of and hope are alive in my memory forevs.

This post was inspired by the "Snacks We Wish Were Still Alive" podcast episode of Mash the 90s

Let's start off with Cheez Balls. I remember eating these on road trips, sitting in the bed of our family truck. I remember their salty, OVERLY cheesy flavor, and popping them in my mouth as fast as I could to try to get more delicious cheese taste. Their texture is unforgettable, and rivaled only by cheese puffs. But cheese puffs don't have the convenient sphere shape, making Cheez Balls overall superior.

Speaking of cheese, I was a big fan of it growing up. Especially the fake stuff: cheese in a can, Cheez Whiz, and the envelope of cheese goo that comes with Velveeta Shells&Cheese... And of course, the cheese that comes in these Ritz Handy Snacks. The breadstick ones are also good, but that red plastic stick is classic and I'm convinced it makes the whole snack taste even better.

Funyuns are a funny snack. They're onion flavored, right? When I was little, I hated onions. Wouldn't eat them. Go to McDonald's and ordered "PLAIN cheeseburger, nothing on it!" But my sister and I loved to ride our bikes to the grocery store in the summer and buy Lunchables, cookies, and Funyuns. I don't think we understood that they were supposed to taste like onion.

I'm almost convinced that these Reese's Bites are no longer made. I don't even know how I discovered them, but I remember sitting on our computer in the summer. Making Angelfire websites and checking out web rings... and eating entire bags of these Reese's Bites. Like Cheez Balls, they have a convenient sphere shape, which must have been what made them irresistible to me.

Bubble Tape. You know, the tape that comes in one big roll and you can tear off as little or as much as you want? Grape is the best. I've bought grape Bubble Tape just within that past few years; it's still that good. I always tear off a big mouthful of a strip, and those first few bites is like an explosion of grapey goodness. So delicious. Then the flavor goes away and it's time to spit it out. "Long Lasting Flavor"? suurrrre...

We must have ate a lot of cereal in our youth because I remember having lots of different kinds. Cap'n Crunch was a favorite, and Alphabits, and even simply Cheerios. But Cinnamon Toast Crunch was my all-time favorite. That shit is so sugary, I can't believe they're allowed to sell it as "breakfast". I used to eat it plain. Also, Trix. Besides being wonderfully colorful, Trix's mix of fruit flavors is quite delicious. The first time I tasted a real lemon I said, "it tastes like the lemon shape in Trix cereal!" *facepalm*

Ouch Bubblegum: I don't actually remember very much about this product except the tin it came in was AWESOME. After the gum was gone, you still had the tin! I found these photos my mom took of me when I was about 4(?) years old. Enjoying my Ouch gum tin. What a nerd.

This next treat goes by many names: freeze pop, Fla-Vor-Ice, Mr. Freeze, pop ice, freezer pops, fun pops. We called them Freezy Pops. And I've probably eaten a thousand of them in my lifetime. Pink and orange were my favorite colors. (What are the flavors there? pink lemonade and orange? is pink strawberry? does anybody really know?) They were a summer staple and probably the most refreshing snack ever.

And there you have it, folks. Some of my most favorite childhood treats. If you feel like more 90s nostalgia, I recommend checking out the Mash the 90s podcast. It's on iTunes and you can find them on their website and on facebook. The 2 guys who do the postcast are very NSFW but are often hilarious and remember more about the 90s than I even do.


  1. Hahaha I still eat Funyuns like once a year. xx

  2. Oooohhh, GOOD post. >3

    Mmmmm, Cheez Balls. 6: Yep, I'd have to say that those (as well as cheese curls, Cheetohs, Cheez-It, Cheese Nips, etc.) are really dang good! And all those other types of cheese you mentioned, too. The red plastic sticks in those sets really DO make them even better, somehow! Gotta love the breadstick and pretzel dippy ones as well.

    I'm not the biggest onion fan in the world, but I do like onion rings, and Funyuns. I usually swipe a few when my brothers buy them. I was going to say I thought the Reese's Bites are still made, but no, I'm thinking of the Pieces, and all of the varieties those now come in...I think you're right, the Bites are gone. How sad!! They were awesome. (As were the olden days of Angelfire sites and webrings, fanlistings, Homestead, etc.!)

    Bubble Tape is sadly engaging in false advertising when it claims to be long-lasting, but the intensity of the flavor does kinda make up for the short chewing time. Grape, mmmmmnnn. I adore anything grape-flavored. It stems from the fact that I would always have totally loved to drink grape Motrin or other cough medicines like soda. The purple porcupinefishes in the new "Swedish Sea Life" packs are amazing for this reason...

    I've always been a huge cereal-head. Straight from the box or in a bowl. Of all the no-longer-made or no-longer-sold cereals of the past, I dearly miss Hidden Treasures and King Vitaman the most. Sprinkle Spangles and others, too. Cap'n Crunch, Alpha-Bits, Cheerios, Cinnamon Toast Crunch...oh, those are some of the best! I liked the French Toast Crunch, too. Trix is a huge favorite. I'm only disappointed that they cheaped out and did away with the fruit shapes; Trix are now simply colored spheres. Not that there's anything wrong with spheres, mind you, and of course they're still very visually appealing. But the loss of the unique shapes took something away.

    I remember eating Lorna Doone shortbread cookies on road trips. Just bought a box this week. Thank goodness they're around. I'd kill for Lemon Coolers to return (but Nasbisco tells me they have no such plans as of now. *sobs*)

    OMG, Ouch! gum. YES. That and Fruit Stripes. It would be just like me to have retained one of those tins, but alas, no. And I've been enjoying the freezy pops all year. I love the lemon-lime, grape, cherry, pineapple...wanna say most of the pink ones are usually supposed to be strawberry, though I'm sure some have been pink lemonade (would be awesome to find a set that includes grapefruit.) Even if I don't always identify the strawberry/pink as distinctly as the other flavors, it's still dang tasty. What I really miss as far as frozen treats are push-pops, the Disney fruity ice pops (shaped like Mickey, Minnie, Donald, & Goofy--called "Mickey's Parade"), the chocolate-eared Mickey-face ice cream pops (they were brought back for a brief period a few years ago, and I saved a photo of one plus the picture from the box, but sadly I was only able to buy one box before they vanished again), Trix pops, the yellow smiley face ones with the candy eyes, and whatever other tasty and attractive pop varieties Popsicle, Good Humor, and whomever else no longer produces. ;___;

    Okay, cutting off another nostalgic rant now...*shuts up*

  3. I am SO glad I'm not the only one who liked drinking the grape cough syrup! We always had grape Dimetapp and I never complained when my mom made me take some! :D

    There are so many more snack items out there (or used to be out there), I could write another whole post. Thanks for even MORE ideas, Michelle! :)

  4. Flinstone Push Pops! I've been craving one of those...wonder if those are still around? Don't believe they are...

  5. Jacqui, are you in my head?! I had Flintstones Push Pops on my list!! But then I had a whole bunch of other ice cream stuff (popsicles, sundae cones, ice cream sandwiches, little ice cream cups with the wooden spoon) so I dropped all the ice cream.

    But YEAH! I loved push pops. The orange ones. They had that tangy, citrusy orange flavor. And made a huge mess if you let the ice cream melt on the outside of the tube. Unforgettable!

  6. Ha, ha, excellent! Yeah, Dimetapp was another one we always had. I enjoyed bubblegum- and cherry-flavored syrups as well, but nothing beat the grape. The taste alone had me feelin' better, so I was glad to get it.

    I know...once you get on a roll remembering stuff, you just wanna keep going. ^^; No problem! I actually had a vision last night of the Amazin' Fruit gummy bear commercial, and one or two other things that aren't coming back to me at the moment...but it's pretty obvious why that happened. xD

    I'm sad to say that Flintstone Push-Ups appear to have been gone for some time now as well. :( Oh, they were delicious. Your hand usually got all sticky towards the end because you had to push the plastic up underneath the cardboard, and if they were too hard, you had to press the stick against a surface and it would sometimes just bend instead of going up! Lol. Fun times. All these discontinuations make no sense, because they would all surely sell very well. The little vanilla/chocolate Dixie Cups with the wooden spoons were such staples of every summer and every kid's birthday party that it's almost a crime if you can't find those. =[


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