Thursday, November 15, 2012

Creative Portfolio

Wowzas. I didn't even know how many t-shirt designs I've really made for Soul Flower until I updated my portfolio!

Check it out here!

I used to have my portfolio as photo albums on Picasaweb, but when Google got all fancy with Google Plus, they changed my URL to something not-so-memorable. And I used to give out that URL to everyone! Now it doesn't even re-direct :/

So I decided to move the best of my creative projects over to a portfolio hosted right here on

Most of my creative projects these days are done for my full-time job at Soul Flower, so that's where the bulk of my portfolio lies. But there are a few old school projects still lingering in there... although looking back at some of those assignments today, I cringe.

At least I'm improving. :)

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