Friday, November 02, 2012

Face Suck Syndrome

Screens have the magic ability to suck your face off. Not only have I experienced it firsthand, I've also witnessed the power of what I like to call Face Suck Syndrome.

Randy from Instructables demos the Compu-body sock

It happens when you're with someone and they pull out their smartphone just to "check something quick." They continue conversation with you, so you think they're still listening. You continue to talk, and then suddenly! they look up, dumbfounded, eyes glazed over. They shake their head like a dog shaking off water and then smile guiltily.


Face Suck Syndrome has spread far and wide with all the extra screens people like to surround themselves with these days. Each screen results in additional Face Suck. Computers are the worst, since the ease of interaction makes it so easy to get sucked in.

Current Workspace Setup

Phones don't suck for long, but they suck pretty hard. One can successfully check out of a good 2 minutes of an ongoing conversation while thumbing their smartphone screen. It doesn't surprise me that someone came up with this Phonekerchief idea, but really? Really?

{ Phonekerchief $15 }

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  1. Aw man, I read the title very wrongly at first. xD And I just experienced this phenomenon last night, with someone on a regular cell phone, no less--not a "Smart Phone" or whatever. ;p Was a pretty hard and length sucking, indeed. And computers, definitely. Worst culprits.


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