Monday, November 05, 2012

I Like Your Colors

One day while walking around busy downtown DC, we saw an eclectic-looking girl(?) walking in stillettos and carrying a huge old-school boombox over her head. A head-turner, for sure. When we passed her on the sidewalk, she said to me:

I like your colors!

It was kind of weird, but it was an awesome compliment. Here's the outfit I was wearing:

It got me thinking-- why be boring? Why not dress head-to-toe in bright colors? At the very least, it's a conversation starter!

{ boden }

Lately I've been seeing a lot of color-blocking in outfits, and just bright, colorful outfits in general. So believe me when I rave about colorful outfits: I'm not crazy, it really is popular! And there are some fashionable ladies out there!

{ Vera Bradley }

I'm especially a fan of colorful tights. They're easy to wear and add a pop of unexpected color to any outfit. An awesome place to buy tights in every color is We Love Colors.

And here's a tip: any time you're about to put on black or gray tights/leggings, wear a bright color instead. It makes all the difference!

{ mccall }

Fall seems like the very perfect time to wear lots of bold colors. Rich jewel tones are easily layered, or outfits consisting entirely of harvest hues: orange, brown, mustard, maroon. Yum.

{ selective potential }

{ the magpie girl }

When in doubt, take your color inspiration from the falling leaves!

{ fancy fine }

A fantastic place to look for colorful outfit inspiration is little girls' fashion. Girls just don't care if their outfit matches, and they're bold enough to put together multiple bright colors.

{ bluebirdbaby }

Be fearless! Be colorful! :)

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  1. Okay, judging from my catalog shopping (of which I do a lot--somehow I tend to find more that way than in the physical clothing stores), colorblock and brights are supposed to be "in" right now. Not that I pay much attention to what's "in" or "out" or allow it to affect my choices; I wear what I want, and often what I want is a combination of vivid hues. Being professional and grown-up doesn't mean abandoning your rainbow-bright fashion sense. Why should it? I received a lovely compliment from a guy at the mall who told me that if he had more courage, he'd dress like me all the time (I was wearing a neon red-orange turtlenecked sleeveless dress with royal blue hose, shoes, and bag.) My favorite source for my bold tights and other "wacky" footwear has been Foot Traffic. We Love Colors looks brilliant too--whatever hue of hose you require, there it is! XD Cool. And needless to say, I love the rich earth tones of autumn. Gold, red, sienna, bronze, moss, dark-chocolate brown....mmmmm. ^^


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