Friday, November 16, 2012

Lisa Frank Factory: Behind-the-Scenes Video

This came out about a month ago, but Urban Outfitters is selling some vintage Lisa Frank products, and to go along with that launch, they released this video.

The World of Lisa Frank from Urban Outfitters on Vimeo.

In September 2012, a crew of filmmakers was granted an interview with Lisa Frank at her headquarters in Tucson, AZ: We trekked out to the desert to meet the queen of the rainbow unicorns and magical bears. And yes, she is a real person!

There's also an interview with Lisa Frank!

In the interest of privacy, Lisa asked that she not appear on camera.

Dear Lisa Frank,
I want to visit your factory.

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  1. I would be in sheer HEAVEN exploring that factory/archive. *0* And wow, that's the greatest interview with anyone I think I've ever read. I learned a lot. Like, I had no idea that Hunter and Forrest were so closely related to her sons. I would have guessed that Casey and Caymus (may their real-life counterparts rest in peace) were her favorites. Didn't know about Markie's namesake, either, or all the details of how she got started, or the little girl who survived cancer. Now that's the power of Lisa Frank! :'D And she's a crazy dog person and colorer like me! I would've been one of those crazy kids at the FAO Schwartz meet-and-greet.

    "We have a proprietary ink formula that I developed really early on so that everything would be brighter." Why am I so unsurprised?! XD A secret formula that makes everything brighter...dangit, I knew she really was magical! I can just imagine how hard it must be to let go of the stored vintage items, because I'd want to do the same thing...keep at least one of everything. But thank unicorns they're listening to us adult fans and bringing the retro back to us.

    The most exciting question by far is the "dream product" one. It proves to me that she really has been listening to my letters all along! She wants to make an actual theme park. O___O *implodes* A craft show? A Project Runway judge? Cupcake Wars?! I wouldn't miss Lisa on TV for anything...! Collaborate with a fashion designer? A museum show, to exhibit the finest-of-the-fine art that is Lisa Frank's? And the most resplendent gem of all: "We are working on doing a coffee table book with the original art." We ARE. Now THAT is an idea taken directly from my suggestions. And I hope to be the first to (pre-)order that glorious, hopefully glossy-paged compendium of all things Franktastically beautiful and fun!!


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