Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Number Stress

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Remember the days when the biggest stress of your life was remembering your locker combination? And even if you could remember it, you had to spin the dial the exact right way, otherwise it wouldn't open. Then you'd be standing there, freaking out, while everyone else around you has their locker open and are still on time for their next class.

*commence cussing and tears*

Pretty sure I used to have nightmares about forgetting my locker combo. Now I dream about forgetting phone numbers. Which is funny because I actually know very FEW phone numbers anymore. I think I could call about 5 different people at the police station when I get my "phone call": Rob, my mom, my sister, my boss, and the office.

We have a storage locker in our building with a combination lock on it. But I wrote the combo down on a notecard, and bring it to the storage locker whenever I need to unlock it. Maybe in junior high I could remember a 6-digit combination for a whole year, but not anymore.

Other numbers stressed me out in middle school, too: math problems, the number of crushes I had at one time, the number of friends I could call my BFFs, and probably the amount of money I had stashed away to buy the next NSync CD.

Oh, if only those were adult worries. But no, adults get to be stressed out about the number of days left before bills are due, the amount of money left to pay on your loans, the numbers in your interest rate, and the number of pounds your scale shows you.

I guess some things never change.

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