Sunday, November 18, 2012

Planning Outfits

In 2011 when I was doing 30 for 30 (only 30 clothing items can be mix&matched for 30 days), planning was crucial if I wanted to have wearable outfits.

When I went to Las Vegas that year, I planned my outfits:

The last time I was home for Thanksgiving, I planned my outfits:

Overkill? Maybe... but I like to feel prepared!

This year we're flying to Minnesota to spend a week visiting family for Thanksgiving. If I don't figure out what I'm going to wear those 7 days, I'll end up bringing way too many clothes and be frustrated that I didn't plan. I'm only bringing a carry-on onto the airplane, so I can't just bring anything & everything I think I might want to wear!

A couple weeks ago I planned my outfits for our Thanksgiving trip. I took snapshots of myself wearing each one so I could remember:

I made 6 outfits with 13 items, and only 8 of those items needed to be packed (I'd be wearing the rest). I liked those outfits, but just this week I got a few new clothing items that I bought online. So I wanted to re-do my outfits so I could wear my new stuff :)

So I made another 6 oufits. Again, I used 13 items, but not all of them will need to fit in my bag.

These outfits all kind of look alike, but nobody really notices what you wear anyway!

Rob thinks I spend too much time planning outfits like this, but I know I'll be happy that I did. Over time, I'm certain I will get better and better and figuring out what to wear for a short trip away. It's a fun challenge, anyway :)


  1. Wow, it's amazing how alike we are. O.o I'm going to Tennessee for a week shortly and as always, I've got to pack seven individual outfits, all planned out down to the socks, shoes, jewelry, etc. o.O What I do every season is try to wear every seasonally-appropriate garment once before I start repeating any, unless I have a particular reason to do so. Of course there are things outside that pattern, such as the "fancy things" (dresses, skirts, dress shirts) that are mostly only worn on special occasions, except for the days that I just put them on for the heck of it because there aren't enough occasions to wear them all....XD

    Really nice planning & outfits, btw. My lists are all words; my doodles might not be good enough to go by. xD

  2. Hello sweetie, I read some of your posts and think you are a wonderful person. However, I'm going to be honest and say that your taste in fashion is not so wonderful. Many of the outfits in your pictures are quite unflattering and really seem to age you. All the layers and mismatched colors really make it seem like a huge mess. Some of your newer outfits are a great improvement, but you have too much going on with each one. I guess if you're all for not being subtle and wanting to stand out in an awkwardly flamboyant way, it would work.


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