Friday, December 21, 2012

Project Life Plans

In 2012 I discovered a project that's both trendy and well-loved throughout the scrapbooking world: Project Life.

{ my digital Thanksgiving layout, testing out Project Life }

The basic idea is to document your life in simple, pocket-based scrapbook pages where you can easily slip in printed photos, cards with journaling, and paper ephemera. The purpose of Project Life is to give people interested in scrapbooking an easy way to keep up with the craft, while documenting their days and weeks throughout the year.

Almost everyone I've found online who has stuck with the project absolutely loves it. They love looking back through the pages and reliving the memories. They find ways to enjoy their lives every day, and look for the little things - the little moments - worth capturing in their scrapbook.

{ Top 5 Reasons Everyone Loves Project Life }

Project Life is sold as a kit; including journaling cards, plastic page protectors, and binders. You can also buy a digital kit to create your layouts using digital products. A genius idea, in my opinion: come up with a brand new idea and method of scrapbooking, and then sell the kits to go along with it!

I've decided that in 2013, I'm trying Project Life. I plan to work digitally, using Photoshop to create layouts. I've already created my templates based on the classic PL layouts. I don't plan on buying any official Project Life kits or digital products. Actually, I don't plan on buying anything at all. There are tons of awesome digital scrapbooking freebies across the web. (start here, here, here, here, here, or here)

I'm going to work digitally for a few reasons:
  1. Less commitment. Knowing me, I might just abandon this project alltogether, and I'd hate to have spent money on a kit that I end up not using.
  2. I'm comfortable with digital. I make graphics every day, so scrapbooking digitally should be a fun new (but not too difficult) challenge.
  3. I'm lazy. If I used actual paper products, that means I'd have to get my photos printed. Likely I would procrastinate, and then get behind. Working digitally means I can take my digital photos and insert them directly into a layout.
  4. Trying to be minimal. I know just how out of hand I can get with collecting paper ephemera and crap. Working digitally means I'll have to scan or take a photo of any physical thing I want to capture, and then I'm free to toss it.
  5. Less space. If I worked with a Project Life binder, in the end I would have a huge 12 x 12 binder filled with paper. If I work digitally, I can print my layouts in a nice, clean, hardcover book from Shutterfly. Thinner, sleeker, takes up less of my (non-existent) book shelf.
So here's my commitment to making Project Life layouts in the upcoming 2013 year. Hopefully by the end of the year I'll have a nice digital album full of memories of a celebrated life. It'll push me to be creative, week after week.
I've heard a number of people say their lives are boring and there's no way they'd have enough to fill a two-page spread each week. To those people I say: you are wrong. All of our lives seem boring because they're our lives. My life is super boring. But I choose to celebrate it anyway.

~Julie Fei-Fan Balzer

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