Thursday, December 27, 2012

rolling into 2013

  • We sent out our holiday cards. (When they hit mailboxes, I'll share a pic.) Decided to order from after reading a recommendation for the site from Elise Blaha.
  • We had a lovely quiet Winter Solstice, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day here at home. Grateful for technology since we live so far from home: we did a Google Hangout with my family so we could see them open our gifts.
  • Been quietly planning goals for January, which include starting Project Life and focusing on a One Little Word for the year. (I'm not taking the class, I'm just borrowing the idea.) More on this later.
  • I finally found an organization/note taking site that I really like: Springpad. It's like Pinterest because it's visual and visually-similar to Pinterest, but you can collect more things besides just photos (collect links, write notes, make lists, and more).
  • Need a kick-start for your goal setting? Check out Elise Blaha-Cripe's I Choose self-paced class. I took it and really liked her method for how to choose goals. This girl's done so many projects that she's documented on her blog; it's inspiring!
  • We got in to the Color Run DC! It's a crazy-colorful 5K happening in May 2013. They sold out in record time; people love these Color Runs. I'm excited to be a part of the hype!
  • Excited to be taking this Whimsy & Wonder online art class from Alisa Burke starting in February 2013. I really like her online classes. She's organized, professional, and inspiring. She always makes me want to create!
  • I started knitting a blanket. What?! I've never knit anything bigger than a scarf. But I was inspired to try my hand at a big blanket. So far I have all of 4 squares done. If I don't make it to a blanket, at least I can make a few scarves :)

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