Friday, January 18, 2013

getting back into sketching

my art supplies

Since discovering Illustration Friday, I've always wanted to participate. I did all of 2 prompts back in 2010: Early and Cocoon. One of my goals in 2013 is to draw more. For me, this means illustration, sketching, and finishing mixed media pages in my sketchbook. So far this year I've finished a few pages and prompts for Illustration Friday, and I've been loving it.

Here are a few pages from my sketchbook lately. I've mostly been using watercolor paints, watercolor pencils, ink pens, Sharpies, waterbased markers, colored pencils, crayons, and some oil pastels.

Pink Hair
My pink hair is over 4 months old now and fading fast, and the light pink reminds me of watercolor. I thought it would be fun to try copy the look using real watercolor!
pink hair illustration

I started with a light pencil sketch, and then put down the watercolor. The background is scribbled oil pastels, with watercolor on top.

Then I finished up the whole thing with ink pen, and added some shading with colored pencils.

Illustration Friday: Ocean
For this one I thought about doing a full underwater scene, but the ocean is so much more than that. So I thought I'd capture above-water ocean AND underwater ocean.
"Ocean" - Illustration Friday

The ship is a piece of clipart illustration from here. I printed it off on our laser printer and then just pasted it to the page.

I found this really cool tip for getting a splotchy watercolor effect: if you drop salt crystals onto wet areas of watercolor paint, the salt will absorb some of the color and leave behind a neat effect. I did that in the middle of my underwater ocean scene. It looks awesome! I'll definitely be experimenting with that more.
"Ocean" close-ups

Illustration Friday: Edge
The only thing I knew about the prompt "edge" was that I didn't want to draw someone on the edge of a cliff. That seems so obvious. So I decided to emphasize the edge of something else: I drew a piece of "notebook paper" on the middle of my sketchbook page, and decorated all around it.
"Edge" - Illustration Friday

The lines of the "notebook page" are drawn with colored pencils!

Part of this illustration was pushing myself to the edge by filling up the galaxy-esque background with this allover geometric pattern. It took forever. But it looks awesome.

Illustration Friday: New
This illustration is just a little one (8 x 6.25 inches). This was totally just an experiment using my paints and colored pencils.
"New" - Illustration Friday

I love the technique of using wax crayon as a resist to watercolor paints: around "2013" are lines of white crayon that resist the watercolor paint I put on top. Neat!

Happy sketching! :)


  1. They look so awesome! I especially love the first one, and the ocean one--the split "underwater/above water" style of dividing an aquatic piece always reminds me of Christian Riese Lassen, another of my favorite artists to whom I was introduced by school supplies. x3

  2. Thanks, Michelle! ooo yes I totally remember Christian Riese Lassen's art... particularly from folders and notebooks. I was never a fan, but lots of other kids were. So 90s! :)

  3. Indeed!! I was probably the biggest fan in my grade...or entire school(s), actually...thanks to my love for fish and other sea critters. *u*


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