Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Project Life Week 1 : including charts & graphs

My very first digital Project Life layout!

project life week 1

It went well! I took enough snapshots during the week, so I had plenty of photos to choose from when it came time to fill the layout. I've been doing super-quick journaling via email prompts from OhLife, so I was able to look back on little stories and quotes I wrote down. You can see bigger versions of the 2 illustrations in the lower-right here and here.

I also thought it would be fun to participate in the Currently challenge from Rukristin. I included the card in my layout, but I only filled out 3 of the prompts.

For the listening prompt, I wasn't sure what to write-- I was trying to think back on the week and what was I listening to? I remembered Last.fm and how I scrobble all the tracks I listen to. Instant chart! I took a screenshot of my Top Artists for the last 7 days graph and pasted it onto the Currently card.

I love the look of this and am now brainstorming more ways I could include charts and graphs in my weekly spreads:

  • There's a progress bar chart on Goodreads if you enter your 2013 Reading Goal:

  • TweetStats can generate some cool aggregate charts and graphs based off your Twitter data:

  • To find charts for your profile at Last.fm, log in and go to your profile page and click "charts" at the top. You can even get a weekly snapshot of what you listened to!

  • It could be fun to show off your stats on Pinterest-- number of boards and pins:

  • If you track your meals or fitness goals on Livestrong, they have a bunch of neat charts & graphs you could include in your layout. I like this water one, although it is more of a daily reference than a weekly one:

  • If you're a Google user, you can have Google track your stats while you're logged in to your Google account (which for me is always). Then each month you can look at your stats for the past few weeks: how many emails you sent and received, how many searches you made on Google, what percentage of those were for images, how many YouTube videos you watched, and a few other numbers:

  • If you want to get really hardcore into tracking what you do on the computer, check out RescueTime. It runs in the background on your computer and is meant to track and chart your activities. If you find yourself getting nothing done and you can't figure out where the time went, log it with RescueTime and soon you will see exactly where you wasted it all away! You can see weekly charts of your productivity levels and time spent on each activity:

  • Wunderground has tons of stats about the day's weather and almanac info of the current day in other years. I like how they format it. Just type in your zip code and keep scrolling all the way to the bottom:

  • Even Google Reader has charts about how many blog posts you read! I could see this being relevant to a Project Life spread if you spent a lot of time browsing blogs or catching up on your reading.

  • Insights on your Facebook business page
  • Google Analytics charts & graphs about your website
  • Pro accounts on Flickr get stats about your photos

    The main take-away here is to be creative! Look for other visual ways to document your life besides just photos and words. Technology loves to collect your data, so see if any apps, programs, or websites you use let you take a look at your data in a sweet visual format.

    If you're not sure how to take a picture of your screen, here's how to take a screenshot on Mac, how to take a screenshot on Windows, and an easy Chrome browser add-on called Screen Capture that'll capture entire websites or little snippets and save it for you (no image editor needed).

    1. Oh wow! I love the look of the graph on your card! And I'm so happy to see someone else doing project life in digi ... I'm attempting it for the first time this year :) Your first week looks great!

    2. Thanks, Suzie! You are the only one I've found so far doing PL in digi (I haven't done a whole lot of searching, though...) so I'm subscribing to your blog and see what direction you take your project!

    3. I LOVE the way you did your "Currently"! I have always LOVED digital designs but have no idea how to even begin! I hope you will keep sharing your tips!

    4. So fun. Love the charts! Thanks for the great idea.

    5. Loving that Last.fm chart in your currently list! Great page!

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