Monday, January 14, 2013

Project Life Week 2 : easy to fill!

This whole week I felt like there was nothing going on and I was snapping photos of every little thing that I thought I could help fill up my Project Life spread.

project life week 2

But in the end, I had no problem filling this layout. I even had to edit down my photos because I had so many! Just goes to show that your life really is full of share-worthy things, as long as you're on the lookout for them.

This week's highlights:

My Currently card. Last week I only filled out 3 of the prompts, so I wanted to do all of them this week. I didn't really watch much of anything this week, so for the watching: prompt, I thought of something I had seen a whole lot of: the CPU monitor on my computer. I've been keeping it open so I can tell when my memory is full. This is a screenshot of it full.

For listening: I took another screenshot of my charts (like last week). This one is my Top 5 albums for the week. Then I dropped in the album art for those albums.

For loving: I hand wrote it using my Wacom tablet. Maybe in the future I should hand write all of them? But it might end up looking cluttery and messy. So I just put a little extra love into the things I love :)

Also this week I decided to switch from my weeks going Monday-Sunday and instead they will be Sunday-Saturday. I want to lay out the spread on Sunday, and it doesn't make sense that the day I'm finishing the layout should also be included in the layout. Plus, it works out better for highlighting the week on my calendar! Calendar is a freebie from here.

Interesting things I included this week:
  • A screenshot of a meeting I had for work over Google Hangout.
  • A friend's instagram of me on the monitor at that meeting.
  • A screenshot of the Google+ post my boyfriend made of a phone pic he took. I could have just included his photo in that spot, but by taking a screenshot I also included his caption!
  • A pic of a text message I wrote and sent.
  • A little journaling spot specifically for the meals we made and ate this week. I didn't have room for photos of the food, but wanted to remember what we had.
  • A photo of Rob and I. One of Kristin's Project Life 2013 goals is to always include a self-portrait or photo of her & her boyfriend together each week. I love this goal. Rob and I never get enough photos taken together; it's always just him or just me. So I deliberately took a photo of the 2 of us this week. Even if it is just a hold-the-camera-out-at-arm's-length shot, it's better than nothing!
  • A self-portrait! I got a new scarf from my mom that I love, and a new cardigan. Those two things didn't really merit their own specific spots in my layout, so I just wore them in my self portrait. Taken in the mirror in my closet :) Better than nothing, right?!

    Overall, I like this week's layout better than last week's. I learned that as long as I snap photos like I usually do, I'll have enough material to fill my Project Life spread. And if I'm ever at a loss for content, I can just take screenshots of social media posts, text messages, charts and graphs, and video chats!

    1. Dude. This totally rocks, so hard. I LOVE everything about your card, seriously. And that self-pic is fantastic -- love that scarf.

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