Thursday, February 07, 2013

big cat confusion

A couple weeks ago I saw on a t-shirt on Forever 21 called "Leopard Graphic Tee".

Does that look like a leopard to you? I'm not an expert zoologist or anything, but my high school mascot was a tiger, so I think I can recognize a tiger when I see one. It's orange with stripes, for pete's sake!

I wrote Forever 21 on their facebook wall, informing them of their big cat confusion. No reply as of yet. Then the other day I stumbled across another feline top at a different site (they're really trendy right now).

"Tiger Head"?! Have you ever seen the Lion King? This is a LION. If it reminds you of Mufasa, it's a lion. I could see getting tigers and leopards confused, but never lions and tigers (and bears, oh my!) Lions have big long manes. They're pretty distinguished.

I did a search on Romwe for "tiger" to see if they had any more big cats. Lo and behold, what did I find? A leopard. Mistakenly labeled as tiger.

Not sure who is coming up with the product titles for these tops. My advice is: if you're lacking basic animal identification skills, Google is your friend.

- Lion, leopard, tiger photo from here
- Leopard photo from here


  1. HAHAHAHA! Love this post Leiah ; ) I can't believe that same company made the mistake twice. Do they even have a tiger shirt? Maybe the quotes around "tiger" are implying some kind of irony?

  2. I KNOW, right?! Maybe they think that tigers are trendy right now, so they want to jump on that bandwagon. But since they couldn't get any prints of actual tigers, they're just calling anything that looks remotely like a tiger a "tiger".

    Oh man. I just looked again and they DO have a white tiger shirt that's correctly labeled. But they also have a "Tiger" shirt of a DOG and another "Tiger" shirt of a leopard.


  3. LOL, WTF...!! That post is hilarious. Are they trollin'?! Because that's a whole lot of big cat ID fail right there...:P I'm sure I've spotted at least two examples of this in the past while catalog-browsing, as well. *_* Kinda scary. Also makes me miss my big lion-face shirt that I had in high school; 'twas all glittery, offset with long black sleeves...really cool. }:


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