Monday, February 11, 2013

Project Life Week 6 : making status updates fit

This week I (yet again) neglected my OhLife daily journaling. It really makes it difficult to remember the little things that happened during the week!

project life week 6

Luckily, I did have a few relevant tweets and facebook status updates that I could use as my "journaling". While grabbing screenshots of my updates to use in my Project Life spread, I figured out a neat trick!

Here's how to resize your updates to better fit onto a 3x4 journaling card:

When you first see your status on your Timeline, it looks like this. This orientation would probably fit nicely on a landscape 3x4 card. Plus you can include the little speech bubble shape!

If it is a recent status update, the date isn't complete. This one only says "Friday". Click on the date to bring up the permalink page.

The permalink page looks like this and includes the full date and timestamp. If you want to screencap all the people who Like the update, hover over "2 others".

To get your status to be more vertical so it'll fit on a 3x4 card, simply replace the "www" in the URL to "m" (for mobile). This brings up the mobile version of this page:

You can then resize the window to as narrow as it will go, and the text inside will flow to be more vertical!

And here's how that looks on my 3x4 card in my layout!

Here is my Currently card for the week:

Another neat thing in my layout this week (that I've never done anything like before!) was using this cute little laptop doodle as a frame for one of my tweets.

That's it! Next week I'm pretty sure I'm going to utilize all the pink and red, heart-shaped, most Valentines-y looking digital freebies that I have. Tis the season!

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  1. So so cute; love your list like always! And I love the idea of using the mobile site for better sized facebook statuses.

    And that laptop is just adorable.


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