Saturday, March 09, 2013

Clever Tablet Drawing

I was watching this course on called "Drawing Vector Graphics" with Von Glitschka and while he was talking about the importance of sketching and drawing all the time, wherever you are, they showed a shot of him doodling in a paper tablet next to his tablet computer. Cool!

Whenever I'm working through an idea for a design, I always look up source material online. I don't have a tablet but I can see how a tablet with a case like this would be helpful and conducive to drawing and sketching while out and about.

That's it! Cool find of the day.

**Edit! 6/20/2013**
I'm pretty sure the case he is using is this Booqpad iPad case

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  1. I'm not a painter, and not a designer. But sometimes doing things like that when I'm sad. I'm downloading a the vectors here, and edit them using Photoshop. It develops creative thinking.


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