Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Project Life Week 9 : new hair!

The cutest thing on Week 9's layout is my Photo Booth filmstrip! We snapped some photos one day using Photo Booth on my computer, and then I took my four favorite shots and dropped them into a filmstrip template from here.

project life week 9

My dip-dyed hair that used to be very pink has been fading, fading, fading. I decided it was time for an update. I tried to cover up the bleached/pink ends, but the dye I chose didn't quite do it. I needed a trim anyway, so I just cut the tips off. I left a tiny bit of pink on the ends. So my hair looks a lot more natural now. Not that looking "natural" is necessarily better than not, but I like my update anyway :)

My Currently card for the week:

I love the movie Center Stage. It came out in 2000, but I didn't discover it until just a few years ago. When Save the Last Dance came out (in 2001), I was obsessed. Center Stage reminds me of Save the Last Dance (since they're both dance-related movies) but I think I like Center Stage even more.

I kind of threw this layout together this week... somehow I wasn't able to finish it on Sunday (like I usually do), and pushing it off to Monday (and then Tuesday) is bad news. Never again! If I procrastinate it might never get done. Better DONE and imperfect!

PS: The socks I am wearing in that shot with the Target package are these "One Wise Kitty" socks from Modcloth. Their photo doesn't show it (and neither does mine), but one of the kitties on here looks like Grumpy Cat! I love that.

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