Friday, May 03, 2013

Get EXCITED Fridays : hippie swag & fake instagram

In order from most exciting to least exciting:

New in my closet! : Soul Flower bag and shoes

My fake instagram! : I started tumblin' daily snapshots... I'm pretending it's Instagram since I don't have an iPhone. I'm more excited about this than I should be.

Blissful Blends Tunics from Soul Flower : I'm pretty excited about these new tunics from Soul Flower. They're a mix of organic cotton and recycled plastic. I got one in every color and I know I'm going to wear them to shreds. Pretty much anything loose, flowy, and comfy makes me happy lately. Summer's gonna get hot in DC, too. These tops should help keep me breezy.

The Yellow Brick Road & Beyond (2009) : I'm a big Wizard of Oz fan, so this documentary was pretty interesting. Some of the interviews of the little people who played the munchkins made me smile.

Top 150 Makers Blog List : for when you feel like browsing good blogs or need inspiration for blog design or posts. Or for when you want to wallow in how much other bloggers are more awesome than you.

American Science & Surplus : random science tools, art supplies, hardware, tools, and other useful knick-knacks. This site is like digging around in someone's basement who's been collecting random shit for years and years.

Holy moly, that's enough exciting stuff for now.

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