Monday, June 10, 2013

Project Life: 7 weeks in one post!

One of my goals in starting Project Life was to stay on track and don't get behind! But life happened, and I got about 5 weeks behind. So this weekend I spent a good 5 hours or so catching up. Worth it! I didn't want to abandon this project; I love it too much. I love looking back at all the weeks I've created so far this year. I'd be sad if I gave up now.

Week 17
These are mostly photos from my fake instagram, but I also did a Currently card, took a few screenshots, and included this quote from scrapbooker Noell Hyman.
project life week 17

Week 18
This week was all about training for the Color Run! I made a calendar for myself to stay on track. My favorite photo on this spread is the colorful bag and shoes. The orange plop of food is a delicious Missir Wat!
project life week 18

Week 19
I meant to put this spread together before the craziness of my family visiting, but I didn't. So it ended up getting very simplified, and that's OK. The book showing on my Nook is Turning Pro by Steven Pressfield. I included a little photo of my buds at Soul Flower volunteering. It wasn't directly part of my week, but if I was there I would have participated!
project life week 19

Weeks 20 & 21
I combined these two weeks together because it felt like the only thing important that happened was that my family was out visiting us. I probably could have done two full spreads on this, but I wanted to keep it concise.

It's always helpful to have a written record of what you did during a trip or while traveling. I wrote up what we did each day. Even writing it 3 weeks after it happened, I had a hard time remembering! I had to look back on the dates of all the photos we took to remember all the details.
project life weeks 20 & 21

Week 22
We weren't actually in New York City for the whole week, but the trip was the only thing of interest that happened during Week 22, so I let it have its own full spread.

Rob and I got engaged in NYC! It was amazing and romantic, and made the whole trip even more magical :) He gave me an iPhone as an engagement gift. The square format photos of my new real Instagram inspired the new boxy layout of this spread.
project life week 22

Week 23
Since returning from NYC, the weeks have felt disjointed and busy playing catch-up. So I kept this spread super simple with the square format, and dropped in 100% Instagram photos. The captions I added weren't directly from Instagram, though.
project life week 23

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