Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Project Life: simplifying layouts & photos

Here are my Project Life Weeks 24 and 25. I am sticking with the square format since a lot of my photos came from Instagram again. I put the calendar back on page 1 because Rob said he liked it and missed it in the spreads where I only put the date (like this one).

project life week 24

I agree: having the calendar come first thing on each layout makes it easy to see our progression throughout the year. It's an element that ties all page layouts together, making them more cohesive.

Both weeks, I found myself including some not-so-flattering photos of myself. But I think that's okay... better to have more photos of myself looking less-than-perfect than no photos at all, right?!

Food links:
- Coconut Curry Stew (modified from this recipe)
- Red Lentil & Sweet Potato Stew (photo below)
- the Sweetgreen salad combo I attempted to replicate (photo below)

project life week 25

The nice thing about this square layout is that everything lines up nicely. I made some grids in the Photoshop file and set objects to "snap" to grids. All of my old layouts with rounded corners had a layer mask for every photo (to create the rounded corners). Still easy, but more of a pain than this new square layout!

To easily get photos off my iPhone and on to my computer, I turned on Auto Backup in the Google+ app. In addition to backing up my photos in case I lose my phone, it also makes it easy to download hi-res images on to my desktop for use in Project Life. No syncing or connecting to my computer with a USB cable. Whenever I open the G+ app, it syncs all the photos in my camera roll to a private photo album in my Google+. Done.

Turning on Auto Backup in my iPhone's Google Plus app makes it super easy to get hi-res photos from my phone to my computer without syncing and without thinking.

It's good to simplify.

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