Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What do you do at the pool?

Our condo building has a pool. A private, need-a-photo-ID-pass-to-get-in, outdoor pool. I can see it from my window. People use it. We've lived here over a year, but I've never been in there. What am I supposed to do there?
view of the pool from our window
Swimming when I was a kid was so fun! We used to go to the pool every day in the summer. Our local "aquatic center" had a big pool, a diving pool, a kiddy pool, and two slides. It was awesome. There was a charge to get in, but they offered summer passes, too. A couple summers my mom bought my sister and me passes. They were little tyvek tags that you were supposed to sew on to your swimsuit. Each had a number, and that's what you would tell them at the front desk to get it. We'd of course memorize our numbers and then walk past the lifeguards at the entrance all smug, rattling off our numbers like a pro.
my childhood pool
Swimming in hotel pools was always awesome, too! My parents would pick hotels that had sweet pools, and my sister and I would always be so excited to check out the pool area and spend all evening there. Both of us had at least one birthday party at a hotel pool. Pizza, pop, cake, and chlorine. Awesome.
noodles in a hotel pool
Now I live with a pool in my backyard, that I'm already paying for and don't have to pay each time to get in. So why haven't I been to my pool yet? My biggest concern is: what am I supposed to do there? It seems like adults go to the pool, but they just sit around in their swimsuits and tan in the sun. And read, or drink beer. I don't want to lay there and tan. I CAN'T lay there and tan; my skin is way too fair and I'll burn. I want to play in the pool!
my childhood bff swimming underwater. she was always the best at it!
But what are adults supposed to do in a pool? Swim laps? Go with a friend and just bob around the water and talk? Jump in to cool off, and then lay in the sun til you're hot again and repeat? Is a pool just a place to gather around or an excuse to lay in public half-naked? 
the lake teeming with girls at Girl Scout camp.
Pools aren't even like a lake or an ocean, either. With the ocean you can get swept up in the waves and that's an activity in and of itself. In a lake you can walk around feeling all the gross stuff on your feet. It's like exploring in the dark water. That's an activity, I guess. Plus you can go boating and fishing on a lake.
But a pool? I don't know. It feels very pretentious, somehow. Just a bunch of hoity-toity adults getting tan by the pool. Reading in public, showing off their sculpted abs. Is this what pools are for as adults?
What do you do when you go to the pool?

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  1. Leiah! This post made me laugh so hard haha. My favorite part: "In a lake you can walk around feeling all the gross stuff on your feet. It's like exploring in the dark water. That's an activity, I guess." haha. Love it!

    Anyways, there's a pool on the roof of my building and whenever I go, I bring my kindle along, a tervis tumbler of either wine or water & cucumbers, snacks, and friends. We sit out, talk, tan, hop in the water, talk, I take out my kindle, catch up on some reading. I just like being in the sun, for some reason it makes me feel free and ALIVE, compared to sitting at home doing nothing. Plus, I quite enjoy the lack of sand and complication compared to going to the beach. Having said that - if I had to choose, it'd be the beach - hands down, every time. Way more things to do, discover, explore - as you said :)



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