Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Find Your Voice: Lesson 2: Who Are You?

Me in a nutshell:


I won't share every word I wrote down on the worksheet. But I will highlight some of my insights:
  • My values, the things I like and love... these are the things that make me who I am. This is what makes up my core as a person.
  • As a storyteller, I'm a bit of an entertainer at heart. I want to tell stories that are both meaningful and entertaining. I want to make it memorable and fun!
  • I want to connect and interact with others during my storytelling.
The sections about listing your flaws and assets was a good exercise. I've read several from others in the Find Your Voice community, and they are touching to read. Finding out what others feel they lack somehow makes me feel better. Because while my flaws seem like huge red flags in my life, other people are totally different. It's good to get out of my own head once in awhile! :)

What are your flaws? Own them. Knowing our weaknesses can be one of our most valuable strengths.
I'm quiet. Picky about graphic design. Don't always say what I think or exactly what I mean. I tend to mope and give others the silent treatment or try to make them feel guilty instead of directly solving issues. I'm bad at keeping in touch with people. I almost always assume people are mad at me. I assume people don't remember me or our past together. I eat too much wheat and peanut butter. When I drink, I almost always drink too much for my weight. I rarely finish projects and I start too many projects at one time. I have a hard time sticking to goals or following through on promises I make to myself.

What are your assets? Use your strengths, but also take the time to hone them and make them even better.
I'm patient. Good listener. Caretaker. Good at taking and using feedback and critique. Friendly, kind. Open-minded. Accepting of all lifestyles. Good at spelling and editing. Good at making graphics and doing digital and print layouts. Good at eating breakfast every morning. Good sleeper :) Good at digital communication and navigating the web. Artist's eye, creative problem solving. Good at line drawings and doodles. 

(I think this is right? Why does it feel like I'm somehow wrong in making these observations about myself?)
I am a true introvert and live inside my own head (especially as an artist) and in my own little world often. This gives me the opportunity to explore stories even deeper, and share those often unseen observations with others who don't see it. I crave introvert-friendly interaction with others and connection to other like-minded people. I'm good at the internet. I know how to express myself and share in the digital realm. I can take advantage of this as a medium to both create and connect with others.

I know that even the most basic, day-to-day, seemingly boring aspects of myself and my life have deeper stories that others will find interesting and can learn from. Telling those stories is a tool I can use to connect and re-connect with others.

Project time!
I set aside a Moleskine notebook for Find Your Voice, but after doing this week's workbook pages and admitting that I'm good at digital communication, I decided to make something digital: digital scrapbook layouts.

Here is my series of 5 "Who I Am" pages. Each page focuses on one of my identity traits. For some reason I always see my personality as coming from who I was as a child, so I looked through my stash of old childhood photos and picked out ones that give clues to me as an adult. These photos span from me ~2 years old up until 17 years old (nothing more recent than high school). I think of my time growing up at home as my formative years, and that's where I wanted to focus for this project.






So that's my Week 2 creative project for Find Your Voice! It totally feels vulnerable to dig this deep into who I am and why I am the way I am. But it's good.

PS: The graphics I used for these pages are from this Digitally Smitten Freebie kit. (Minus the little doodles, which are by me!)

Find Your Voice is a free summer workshop (started June 24) by rukristin papercrafts about finding your storytelling voice through pictures, photographs, social media, prose, and more.


  1. Your digi layouts are fabulous! Inspiring me to maybe pull out Photoshop... Hmm...

  2. Thanks, Nikkiana! When I scrapbook, I do it exclusively digital. I just don't have the room/patience for piles of physical scrapbooking crap around my apartment! :) Grab some digi freebies to inspire you! They are abundant on Pinterest.

  3. Yeah, that's a large part why I haven't delved into paper scrapping... I just don't have the space for it. I was really into digital a few years ago, but somewhere along the line I fell out of the habit, and every time I've tried since I've just ended up frustrated and unhappy with the results I was coming up with.

    I have a ton of stuff that I bought, freebies I downloaded and stuff I got from giveaways or being part of creative teams but it's all so disorganized... and I feel like my tastes have changed since then too... so I'm not really sure what to do with it all.

  4. Fantastic journaling. Thank you for sharing :-). Love the minimalist style of your layouts

  5. Thanks, Christelle! It's definitely a challenge for me to keep a layout minimal, but I think it was important to keep it simple with these. It's more about the story!


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