Saturday, July 13, 2013

Find Your Voice: Lesson 3: What Are Your Goals?

mind map

This week was all about creative and storytelling goals. My mind map sort of turned into a beast and a little bit like a to-do list. I realized that my personal creative goals occupy a lot of space in my mind, but I'm not necessarily dedicating enough time to actually getting anything done.

A few answers from Lesson 3's worksheet:

What stories do I want to tell?
  • my own stories & memories
  • Rob's and my memories together
  • interested in BIG picture stuff
  • very interested in capturing the little things and telling how I think they fit into my bigger picture (these little things have potential to surprise me in the future!) 

What do I want from my creative life?
  • self-fulfillment
  • feeling of accomplishment and finishing
  • experience creative flow states
  • my creative pursuits should be in line with my values and have some sort of purpose or utility
  • explore the breadth and depth of my creative mind and soul
  • inspire and teach
  • share my gifts with others
  • always be growing and improving
  • connect with others while exploring my interests

The final step and creative prompt was to "create a project that makes you happy." Uff dah. So loaded! I had a really hard time getting started. I kept thinking, "omg, this is going to be the ultimate project! I have to make something epic because it's about the NUMBER ONE THING that makes me happy! Wait, what is the #1 thing that makes me happy??"

And the internal chatter ensues.

Finally I stepped away and decided to work on the past 2 weeks of my Project Life that I've gotten behind on. A few hours of that and BAM. I thought of something to make.

Ida & Isidor Straus

It's a digital scrapbook page about Ida and Isidor Straus, a couple who died together on the Titanic in 1912. Their story is hearbreakingly sad (not so good for a "project that makes you happy"!) but also holds a happy place in my heart. My boyfriend proposed to me in Straus Park in New York City, where this statue stands as a memorial to the Straus couple.

I included text from an article I found online (and tweaked it a bit). The quote under their photo is the phrase that's engraved on the memorial in NYC.

It's romantic and sad, but happy and hopeful all at the same time. And it's a story! Even though I didn't write it, including a story for a storytelling workshop gives me extra points, right? :)

Find Your Voice is a free summer workshop (started June 24) by rukristin papercrafts about finding your storytelling voice through pictures, photographs, social media, prose, and more.

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