Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Project Life Weeks 29 - 32: I love this project

First of all can I just say that I am amazed that I've been keeping up with Project Life this year. When I was finishing Week 32 last night, Rob came by and saw the "week 32" in the corner of the page. "Week 32? And you started on week 1? Wow."

I know, man. It's amazing. I am so bad at finishing projects. But I love this one too much.

project life week 29

Week 29 I lamented about being behind in my Find Your Voice prompts. Annnnnnd that's still the case now in Week 33. I just haven't been making the time to work on it! I started taking this Intro to Surface Design class on Skillshare. I surpassed my 10,000th pin on Pinterest. I started snapping even more selfies for this 30 Day Self Portrait Challenge at A Beautiful Mess.

project life week 30

Week 30 Rob was away for work, but when he came home we had movie nights with Redbox movies. I included little squares of my self portraits from the week. The map is a Google Maps screenshot showing the distance between Rob and I this week!


Week 31 we had a Jason Bourne movie marathon. I watched a lot of Sabrina the Teenage Witch on Hulu, but Rob doesn't like that show. Made more pesto-- the recipe I've been making is based off this one: Spinach Basil Pesto.

I paid the last payment on my student loans this week! Which means I am completely debt-free now! I may do a post going into detail on that, because it's pretty amazing even to me that I managed to pay off $64,000 worth of debt in about 4 years.


So many of my weeks end up being like half food pictures, and Week 32 is no exception! I changed up some of my rectangles to be more square so they'd better fit a few Instagram shots. Rob helped me dye the under layer of my hair pink. That pink inspired the color palette on this spread.


  1. Wow, I love the way you've configured these pictures... I'm inspired to do something similar in my own (physical paper) project life... sometimes I have a hard time seeing beyond the pockets and making photos go across multiple pockets!

  2. That's one thing I love about doing it digitally is that I can manipulate the sizes of the frames. Actually, I forget that the physical version has specific-sized pockets! But I've definitely seen some cool examples of people chopping up one huge photo and filling it across multiple pockets. I should try that in my digital version... use 1 photo across multiple frames but keep the borders in between. Could be cool!

  3. I love your project life! I'm going to start this once I get back to the US. Congrats on being debt free! That's so amazing! Have you heard about LearnVest? They are a financial help website and often have articles written by people who have gotten out of a lot of debt. Maybe they would be interested in posting your story on their website?

  4. Thanks, Rochelle! How do you think you will do your project life - digitally or physically? Sometimes I wish I was doing this with real paper (then I would have cut up your card and put the real thing in there!) but then I am glad that I am keeping my clutter down to a minimum by doing it digitally.
    I've never heard of LearnVest but I'll have to check it out!


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