Thursday, August 15, 2013

Throwback Trend: Overalls

A lot of you may flinch, but I think they're kinda cute: Overalls! (Also known as dungarees, apparently, in the UK. Never heard that one before!) Remember a few years ago when rompers were so trendy? Well here's another super easy-to-wear, 1-piece garment that makes you feel like a kid again!

Denim overalls (aka bibs or bibbed overalls) feel so wonderfully 90s to me. I spent many a childhood day dressed in bibs. And yes, I did look through all my old photos looking for pictures of me wearing overalls. This is just a small sampling, since I definitely remember more pairs than I could find documented. You're welcome.

My favorite is that denim tutu! How weird! Overalls may be back in style and easy to find online these days, but none with such amazingness as a scrunchy denim ruffles 'round the waist. That's purely 90's.

The pants-length overalls in the first collage are all really cute (notice how most are styled rolled-up?), but my favorite modern overall is the shorts. They're even more romper-esque and look less like painter's overalls than the long pants. I doubt I'll be purchasing denim overalls (short or long) anytime soon since they're obviously super trendy, but I'll enjoy seeing them out&about while they're here ;)


Overall/dungaree photos from here:
Forever 21NordstromFree People 1, Free People 2, ThreadsenceWastelandSincerely JulesFabric SnobASOS 1, ASOS 2, ASOS 3, ASOS 4, ASOS 5.


  1. Hee! I was just looking at long overalls (some very large ones) at a Tractor Supply store last weekend with my mom. xD I have noticed them making a bit of a comeback in availability, at least. I had a pair when I was much younger, although I was never that big a fan of them myself. I preferred the short ones, too. And I do love rompers...have two now that they are enjoying a catalog resurgence. :) One of my old friends really liked her overalls, and I'm sure she's got a new pair by now. I'd even consider them. Anything that's reminiscent of the 90s is cool in my book.

  2. I'll have to do a jelly shoes post... I've seen them online and even out in the real world again! I loved those stinky plastic shoes :D

  3. I am absolutely in looooove with jelly sandals!! I can think of three pairs I currently have right off the and black flats, and strappy turquoise platforms. 'Tis wonderful indeed to see them back as well!! >3 And they frequently draw compliments. ;D


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