Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Back to School

There's something exciting and achingly nostalgic about the first day back to school.

My mom was pretty good at snapping photos on the First Day of School.

Now that I'm done with elementary school, middle school, high school, and college, I no longer have a "first day of school" every September. And I miss it! I'm all for lifelong learning, but when you learn on your own as an adult, you miss out on the hype of everyone starting school together in the fall.

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I always loved buying school supplies, organizing my pencils in a new pencil box, and starting the school year fresh with feelings of confidence and motivation. Alongside my shiny new Lisa Frank folders, clean new lunchbox, and pristine composition notebooks, I brought my excitement for reading and writing. I wouldn't say that I loved learning, but I must have. In early grades, I just plain ol' loved school.

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Some inspiration for your own "back to school" this fall:

Happy September!


  1. *sniff* Okay, so I was *just* thinking literally the *exact* same things yesterday. I miss back-to-school shopping (mostly Lisa Frank supplies, natch), schedule/class planning and/or comparing, the photos of your outfit and shiny new backpack on the first day...the excitement of new teachers and classrooms and syllabi, little fall crafts and activities in elementary school (and my mom was always a class mom, so it was actually really cool having her come in to join us)...I have to now conclude, as a recent college grad, that I DEFINITELY miss those 13 years of school, daily routines, friends, spontaneous fun, clubs, reading, writing, learning...all the agony and the things I hated about it so much at the time now seem heavily outweighed by the things I realize that I loved, and that I cherish, but that finally had to end. ;___; Back then the concept of college and adulthood seemed always so far off, like something that would never really happen--the school years would just keep going (or trudging, as it sometimes felt) on forever, with the same people.

    Whoops. //endnostalgicramble

  2. Amy Teegan SchubertSeptember 4, 2013 at 5:31 PM

    thanks for the link :) I'm in good company!


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