Friday, October 25, 2013

Project 333 Summer 2013 = Fail

A few months ago I wrote about starting the summer edition of Project 333, where you pick 33 items of clothing and wear only those for 3 months. I never made it to 90 days of wearing my 33 items, but I made it to about 55 days. I was taking photos of my outfits every day, until I got sick of taking photos. I finished my 55 days not taking daily photos.

Project 333 - summer 2013

What made me fail?
I was super bored with my clothes. I was starting to hate some of them. It was easy to get dressed in the mornings, but it wasn't fun. I own a lot of clothes, and a lot of fun & colorful clothes, but I wasn't getting to wear them. And I was sad. I wanted variety! In the middle of August, I took a trip to Las Vegas for work, and I knew I didn't want to wear my 33 items. So I packed for that trip from my entire wardrobe, and wore anything I wanted from there on out.

This quote sums up my daily 'getting dressed' experience. With such a limited wardrobe of 33 items, there were days where I felt like I had nothing to wear. I wasn't able to dress how I felt; for the woman I felt like I wanted to be that day.


What would I change next time?
Don't pick stuff you don't love! This yellow dress was the worst. It's cute, but it was too tight across the back and I hated it so much that it's now in my DONATE pile.


For this summer challenge, I chose too many shoes - 4 pairs of shoes for this girl who works from home? I probably could have gotten away with 2 pairs. And FIVE long sleeve tops? It was summer! I should have picked ONE cardigan, and that's it. One of my long sleeve tops I don't even remember wearing at all! I don't think I wore my belt at all, either, so that was a waste.

Pick a variety of things! Why did I choose TWO purple dresses? Sure, they're different, but they felt the same because they were both tank tops, about the same length, and both purple. Snooze.


Pick funky stuff! My style is a little bit funky. Graphics, prints, color... This rust-colored tank top was one of my favorites because it felt the most 'special'. This dress/skirt was bold, fun, and the opposite of all the plain ol' basics I picked.


Would I do it again?
I think I might try Project 333 again in the future. Sometimes my overflowing closet starts to annoy me pretty bad, and I get super motivated to simplify. But I think this exercise was just a really effective lesson in only keeping what you like and that you know you'll wear. It makes me second-guess any new clothing purchases. It also makes me grateful for the freedom I have in my wardrobe on a daily basis. I try to be thankful for all my options and push myself to try something new & different.

This time was a FAIL, but I'm glad I tried it anyway :)


  1. I love when you do these! Even though you didn't get all the way through the challenge, you still learned a lot! It is a really good way to think about a wardrobe, how stuff looks on you, and what you really like and what you can get rid of. I'd like to try this too. At least just taking pictures of what I wear. It would be fun to look back at my style of clothes and see how it changes over time. Also, for some reason it looks different to look at a picture versus the mirror! haha. How do you take the pictures? Do you have a tripod? BTW, I really like the pants on day 3, sweater on day 4, outfit on day 10, and top on day 19. :) Where are those pants from?

  2. Thanks, Rochelle! I didn't use my tripod for this project -- I didn't want to have to set it up every morning. So I just set my camera in the same spot on my kitchen counter top every day!

    Those pants are probably my personal favorite pair of pants! I found them at a Goodwill in Minneapolis - they are Converse One Star brand, which is a brand sold at Target.

    That rust-colored sweater from Day 4 is from Target, too. They come in a bunch of colors and are actually on sale for $15 online right now!


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