Thursday, October 17, 2013

Project Life Weeks 33 - 41: get it done

I got behind making my Project Life spreads. Imagine that! It happened because during Week 39 I started creating a photo book on Something like the one I made last year, that we can bring with us when we visit family for Thanksgiving. I got so wrapped up in making that (which felt a lot like Project Life), and then after I realized just how expensive printed photo books are, I was freaked out. This whole year I've been planning on doing my Project Life spreads digitally, and then printing the whole thing out as a photo book at the end of the year.

But to print 52 weeks of Project Life? An 8x8" hardcover book at Shutterfly with that many pages would cost about $120 plus shipping. WHAT?! Sometimes they have sales on photo books, though. So let's say I could get it for 50% off (that's being optimistic). Still $60 plus shipping. For ONE 8x8 book. I guess if you think about it, that's a little over $1 per week. IF I can get it for 50% off. If not, that's about $2.30 per week. Would I have paid $2.30 every week this year to be able to print my Project Life pages in a book? I don't know.

So actually figuring out the pricing on printing all these digital spreads made me sad. Then I put off making any more spreads until I got over it.

Then I went nuts and finished a bunch of weeks in one day! I decided that I love these pages too much to abandon the project now. Even if my Project Life pages stay only digital and never get printed, I'm OK with that. On to the pages:


Weeks 33-34 I was in Las Vegas for Magic. We saw the Cirque du Soleil show Ka. Ate delicious vegan dishes at a few restaurants in Las Vegas: Lemongrass, Hussong's Cantina, and Slice of Vegas Pizza.


Week 35 we had delicious vegan deep-dish pizza at District of Pi one day, lunch at Busboys & Poets, and saw sculptures made of canned foods at Canstruction. On Labor Day we went to the concert on the lawn of the Capitol Building. The National Symphony Orchestra and string trio Time for Three played.


Week 36 we started going crazy with Redbox movies! We've been getting them almost every weekend since. I made taco salads with tempeh seasoned with this easy Homemade Taco Seasoning.


Week 37 I finished my physical "scrapbook" pages for my Vegas trip. I say "scrapbook" in quotes because it's not its own book and all it really is, is me pasting paper ephemera and crap into the pages of a handmade book. Also in that book are ephemera pages from trips to Chicago and Boston.


Week 38, the Navy Yard shootings happened (it's about 2 miles from where we live). I upgraded my devices to iOS 7, which wasn't that big of a deal. We went to Green Festival DC on the weekend, and watched (as part of a packed audience) Ralph Nader speak. Tried lots of yummy samples including these Raw Revolution granola bars and sample food from Everlasting Life vegan cafe. Can't wait to actually go there some day!


Week 39 the Soul Flower Fall/Winter catalog came out! Rob and I went to VegFest on the weekend and saw vegan super-athlete Rich Roll speak. The festival was too crowded for us, though, so we just ate our plates of vegan Ethiopian food and then biked home.


Week 40 I had my very first attempt at vegan mac & cheese. It was meh. But I made the best Thai curry I've ever concocted, and a pretty decent potatoes au gratin minus the cheese. The Potatoes Au Gratin recipe was from the Vegan Stoner Cookbook (I love their illustrations and easy recipes!) I started a food blog called Dirty Stove Vegan Tips. It's my place to talk strictly about food and educate about the benefits of a plant-based diet - check it out!


Week 41 was just last week! Lots more food. Kabocha Squash Lentil Curry and my very first spaghetti squash! with a variation on this Roasted Red Pepper Sauce. Curry Potatoes and homemade bread. Yum. Friday I made homemade pizza crust and we topped it with leftover hummus, broccoli, tomatoes, scallions, and nutritional yeast. We decided homemade pizza is going to be our Friday night tradition! We rented the first half of House of Cards Season 1 and had a marathon. Now I'm itching for Season 1 disc 2 this weekend.

project life week 41

Yay, my Project Life isn't dead! :)

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