Monday, December 30, 2013

Project Life Weeks 47 - 52: Finished!

Guess what? I finished an entire year of Project Life spreads! It's true - I actually finished a project and saw it through from the beginning of the year all the way to the very end! I created a total of 52 two-page spreads. Some weeks were shortened and compressed, and some were extended. But all in all I have 52. Perfect.


Week 47


Weeks 48-49
I lumped together these two weeks because we were traveling to and around Minnesota for Thanksgiving.
  • We cooked Lentil Sloppy Joes for our non-vegan friends & they enjoyed them!
  • I used the app Afterlight to edit a bunch of my iPhone photos before sharing on facebook


Week 49
We attempted to make homemade soy milk using these instructions. It wasn't the worst thing I've ever tasted, but the recipe definitely needs some tweaking. I think we didn't cook it long enough because it was pretty beany.


Week 50
Made the easiest recipe ever: Pumpkin Spice Muffins. We even found some accidentally vegan frosting! Turns out most of that sugary stuff is made from all soy. Even when it's called "Butter Cream Frosting." Contains neither butter nor cream!


Week 51
  • We took a holiday photo and ordered cards from (I totally recommend them. I bought our holiday cards there last year and they were excellent).
  • I started my 5K running training and am using the Nike+ app to track runs.


Week 52
Made homemade falafel that was pretty darn delicious with lazy store-bought hummus and fresh cucumbers & tomatoes.

If you noticed, those last 4 spreads are using a different template. For 2014 I wanted to simplify my layout by making it the same every week.

Ways I'm simplifying my layout:
  • using a generic kraft-paper background instead of choosing a "paper" each week
  • made the corners square instead of rounded (looks more modern, maybe?)
  • added photo caption spots instead of floating captions anywhere & everywhere. I was super inspired by Annette Haring's layout!
  • added little date stamps for photos without captions (inspired by this layout from Jennifer Hignite!)
  • using the same layout for every spread (it's basically Design Y of Project Life)
  • added stitch lines for interest instead of using embellishments
  • downsized to ONE journaling card at the beginning and calling it "week in review" instead of having multiple journaling cards around the page
  • using my new 2014 calendars I created(!) and keeping the highlight bar the same color each week
I plan on continuing my digital Project Life into 2014. I still haven't decided if I'll ever print these pages (since printing even an 8x8 photo book is crazy expensive), so for now I'll just share small versions here on my blog and keep the large printable versions on my computer. Hopefully I'll be able to keep up each week, and by simplifying my layout I won't procrastinate creating my weekly layout because I'm overwhelmed with design decisions. 

I loved Project Life in 2013. Rob even likes looking back on my layouts, and it has helped both of us remember so much more about what we did and made it easy to observe how we've changed in the last 12 months. A major chunk of my memory is strengthened by these scrapbook pages. I can't imagine not having this record!

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