Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sketchbooking in 2013 = FAIL

These last few days of the year seem like the perfect time for me to recap some of the projects I worked on (or *said* I would work on) in 2013. One such project/goal was drawing more in my sketchbook.

In this post from January, I said "One of my goals in 2013 is to draw more."

I started off the year so great! and was super excited about doing mixed media illustrations in my sketchbook... and then I got stuck. And stayed there. My sketchbooks this year got filled with page after page of handwritten lists. Very few sketches. And after January I finished one single mixed-media illustration (in April):

"Wings" - Illustration Friday

The only creative drawing and creating that really got done this year was for my job at Soul Flower. I created and drew a handful of new t-shirt/clothing designs that got printed:

2013 Soul Flower Newbies

So 2013 wasn't my greatest, most creative year. Which is unfortunate since my "one little word" of the year was UNSTUCK. Picking that word as my mantra was a positive thing, and I reminded myself of it often. But just repeating "unstuck" to myself didn't help me actually do anything to unstick myself creatively. There were a lot of false starts and half-assed attempts and getting unstuck. And they didn't include drawing, sketchbooking, art journaling, or illustration.

I really like drawing. And it's a good creative practice to have for myself and my job as a t-shirt illustrator. I sucked at filling sketchbooks this year with beautiful art, but I won't give up!

Seriously, it all comes down to making time for it. Being consistent and doing anything to get over that feeling of "it has to be perfect!" Done is better than perfect. I like pages full of lists as much as the next gal, but I would be a heck of a lot happier if I had a sketchbook full of crappy drawings - as long as they were finished.

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