Thursday, July 31, 2014

50 Sketchbook Prompts for Inspiration

Sketchbooking, journaling, writing, drawing, doodling, listing... My Sketchbook-a-Week Challenge starts tomorrow (August 1st) and I'm surprisingly really excited to do all those creative activities. It feels like a good thing to actually be looking forward to starting this thing.

Yesterday I cleared out the clutter and filled my left-side desk drawer with a bunch of art supplies that I have on hand. I think it'll help to have all of this stuff within arm's reach.

my desk drawer full of art supplies

Before the challenge begins, I wanted to make a list for myself of some prompts and inspiration that I can revisit if I feel the need.

Sketchbook inspiration:

  1. outfit of the day sketches, like these from Skulleigh
  2. make a moodboard for a fashion line with cutouts from magazines
  3. hand letter a quote
  4. draw what you eat
  5. write 3 stream-of-consciousness pages of Morning Pages first thing in the morning
  6. find inspiration from Creative Rehab's 30 Days of Writing Challenge (also starting Friday!)
  7. draw something from this Draw Me board
  8. draw a portrait of yourself in a mirror making the ugliest face possible
  9. draw some made-up ugly faces
  10. blueprint the plans for an altar sculpture of some sort
  11. draw fairies
  12. learn how to draw chibis
  13. write/draw some content for a zine
  14. fill a page full of faces
  15. go a little Wreck This Journal on your sketchbook and start messing it up
  16. copy something cute/kawaii
  17. sketch portraits of girl characters i like: Matilda, Wednesday, Belle, Alice, Dorothy, Amélie, Daria, Hermione...
  18. color a page as full of color as possible
  19. pick an object that reminds you of childhood, draw it and write your memories of it
  20. share your story behind an old photo
  21. pick a common first name and list all the people you can think of with that name
  22. see: everyday life journaling prompts
  23. draw a map of your hometown from memory (street names, landmarks, your schools, friends' houses, etc)
  24. draw everything in your purse/bag
  25. create a page of rich texture
  26. for calm & clarity, just make dots... or lines
  27. draw girls in outfits & decorate the heck out of their clothes
  28. make a list of all the people who have step foot in your home - how many can you remember?
  29. outline your hand, then doodle in it
  30. illustrate a recipe
  31. make a grid, then fill the boxes with drawings of things in your space
  32. cut out a photo from a magazine & doodle on top of it - aka "doodle bomb"
  33. Rorschach with watercolor and draw what you see
  34. learn about something new and take notes on what you learn
  35. two words: visual note-taking
  36. list all the places you've fallen asleep besides your own home
  37. draw your own mandala and color it in
  38. keep a tea journal
  39. make a color swatch collage
  40. watch a movie. pause it randomly. quickly sketch the scene.
  41. make a list of things you're good at
  42. 50 things to be happy about
  43. gratitude journal
  44. go someplace and draw your surroundings
  45. make a pseudo pinboard in your sketchbook with pictures from magazines
  46. make lists based on past 30 Days of Lists prompts
  47. more: themes from Sketchbook Challenge
  48. more: topics from Illustration Friday
  49. more: 40 journaling prompts
  50. jumping off point: random sentence
some of my favorite drawing & writing tools

Alrighty then, I think 50 is enough for now. Happy creating to everyone doing challenges in August!

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