Friday, August 08, 2014

Sketchbook-a-Week Update: Book 1 Finished!

It's hard for me to believe, but I actually filled my entire first sketchbook - all in the past 7 days!


Today I'm starting Book #2, which is a much larger notebook (about twice as big), and it has grid lines on the pages.


This doodle sums up the week:


I fell behind on the weekend, and didn't really catch up again until Wednesday night. But I managed to fill my sketchbook with all sorts of random stuff. Here's an assortment!


Lunch (I watched a part of a Project Runway episode during lunch, which explains the quote):

List of nutrient dense foods while watching this video of Dr. Joel Fuhrman:

A reminder from Dr. Fuhrman that salad is the main dish! GOMBS is his acronym for good foods to make your meals out of:

I used a lot of Crayola colored pencils in this sketchbook. One day I picked up a blue pencil, looked at the name, and it was cerulean. It reminded me of this scene from the movie Devil Wears Prada. So I put the movie on --of course I own it :) and watched that scene again, pausing at two different moments to capture Andy and Miranda.

A crazy sketch of Tim Gunn while watching Project Runway:

I did a couple of these 21 Day Drawing Challenges that are being posted daily right now. Day 1 was Draw a Cat. We were instructed to draw a couple of studies first before doing the final drawing. All of these cats are from Pinterest.

In the end, I did two cat drawings: one close up so I could draw those cute tiny kitty teeth(!) and another kawaii-inspired cat:

I wrote a lot in this sketchbook. There are pages and pages of journaling and random thoughts, none of which I'm sharing here. But here's an illustrated journal entry:

I filled a bunch of pages with collages. I'm kind of obsessed. Collage is one of my long-time loves that I just can't get away from. Over and over again, I gravitate toward collage, and end up decoupaging all my stuff.

Themes above: Princess, Sparkly, Blue Techno, Colorful, Desert Natural Earthy, Moonlight Sonata.
Themes below: Fran├žais, Gold, Pink Colorful, Autumn, Witchy Woman, Rocker Chic.


I only did 3 OotD (outfit of the day) drawings, but they're cute:

Last night, I had over a dozen pages to fill in order to finish the sketchbook. Time was running out. I felt SO close, I knew I had to just do whatever to finish. So I just doodled some shapes, patterns, and lines. This is my definition of "doodling":

And that's it!

On to week 2...

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