Friday, October 31, 2014

Hocus Pocus Halloween Vibes

Fall is my favorite season. Halloween can be fun, but celebrating Halloween isn't what I love about the season. I love the colors, the crisp air, and the mood. I love walking through the fallen leaves. Bundling up in layers. The smell of apple cider and a cozy fire.


I've written about autumn before: remembering the leaf pile we played in as kids, collecting leaves, and that back to school vibe.


The past couple of weekends, Rob and I walked to different neighborhoods around DC. Here's me by a colorful red tree near the Tidal Basin. The Washington Monument just happened to be there, too :)


We passed this old junior high building. I have no idea if kids still go here. A building this old plus those looming dark clouds made this place look like a scene out of a movie.


It reminded me of the school from Hocus Pocus!


Or maybe this junior high is a cross between the Hocus Pocus high school and Max Dennison's house. Either way, creepy old skool vibes. I love it. (PS: Check out real-life photos of these Hocus Pocus filming locations!)


During one of our strolls around DC, we stopped near the Tidal Basin and I collected some leaves to decorate our apartment. I made a stack and carefully tucked them into my bag.


Today is Halloween. I had pressed my leaves in a cookbook and was twirling one today, thinking of how to use them as decoration. I held one up to the light and it looked amazing!


The intricate detail, the texture, the colors... Leaves are so cool.


I took some photos with my macro iPhone lens.



When you get close enough, it looks veiny and alive.


This oak tree glowing in the light reminded me of the spellbook from Hocus Pocus: "it is bound in human skin."


These leaves are prettier, though, and significantly less gross!


The other book from Hocus Pocus: the storybook one seen in the very beginning:


The spell book has some nice old-fashioned calligraphy in it, which you can see glimpses of a few times during the movie.

I bought a pen & nib set several months ago - the type of pen you use with ink to do calligraphy. I'm not very good at it, but I think it makes nice-looking strokes that feel really old and important. I was practicing making some semi-calligraphic letters the other day:


So that's it for my Halloween vibes for you today! Hope the day is sweet, chilly, and a little bit spooky. And you better be wearing black and orange! I am :)


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