Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year's Vision Board for 2015

I've had minimal success when deciding on new year's resolutions. It works better for me to identify larger, overall concepts and trajectories that I'd like to focus on in upcoming seasons. Instead of the pressure of specific goals, I can try to gently lean toward doing better every day.

Inspired by Light by Coco's vision board, I created my own vision board poster for 2015. First, I made a list of main goal topics. Nothing too specific. I know they say it's better to create concrete, measurable goals if you want any chance of actually reaching them. But for this poster, I wanted it to just be inspirational. An overall picture of my ideal life. Then I found pictures that visualize each goal topic and that inspire me.


A bit about each picture [sources are linked]:

  1. Either you run the day, or the day runs you - a reminder to take control of my daily life and to-dos, otherwise I'm at the mercy of everyone around me.
  2. Minimalist clothes on hooks - continue to minimize my wardrobe and home. Simple outfits with well-loved items are better than an overflowing closet!
  3. Girl on bike - bicycle around the city more.
  4. Emma Watson beauty - take care of my skin.
  5. Tattoo girl smelling flowers - a reminder to tap into my hippie side once in awhile. Free spirited and earthy and full of love for everyone around me.
  6. Ballerina stretching - work on my flexibility.
  7. Healthy green salad bowl - eat healthfully and abundantly with colorful fruits & veggies!
  8. Buff girl dancing - work out to become strong and fit.
  9. Berries - remember how delicious plain ol' nature is and indulge!
  10. Dirty hand - get my hands messy doing creative projects.
  11. Sadie Nardini yogi - practice yoga.
  12. Motivation quote - when I'm feeling unmotivated, remember that motivation never lasts and I just have to remind myself of my goals daily.
  13. MK&A laptop - stay in touch with family and friends through technology.
  14. Colorful office - keep work and graphic design fun and colorful to remind myself that I have a pretty cool job!
  15. Nice butt - work out to get toned (I never knew this until recently, but Pinterest has convinced me that anyone can have an amazing rear-end if you do your squats!)
  16. Exploring couple - travel and explore places with Rob.
  17. Wine glasses - make every night a special occasion. The best time to celebrate is whenever you can.
  18. White minimalist bedroom - continue to minimize and simplify our home.
  19. Vegan runner - quit being a couch potato so I can be a kick-ass role model for the vegan lifestyle.
  20. Your life is your message - reminder to also practice the creativity, positivity, and healthy lifestyle I love to promote.


I found the pictures online (combing through my Pinterest boards first), then used InDesign to create the layout. I printed the 11x17" poster through <--that's a referral link btw, tacking it on to my holiday card order. It was like $3 after coupons. When it arrived, I realized that it didn't fit on my closet wall very well. The place I wanted to hang it was too narrow. So I cut the left column of rectangles off, and rearranged them on the top. It fits next to my mirror now, and still looks good!


I hung it up in my closet for me to see every day when I get dressed and get ready for bed, and every time I pass through the closet to the bathroom. My hope is it will remind me of what I want my life to look like - all aspects of it. Then every time I make a decision, I can lean toward my vision. Eventually, this poster will be more of a reflection of my current life and less of a far-off dream!


  1. This is so great Leiah! Love it. You've inspired me ; )

  2. I love it! I had one that bled off the page last year too :D <3


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