Friday, December 12, 2014

Project Life 2014 : Weeks 19 - 49 Update

Wowzas, I haven't been updating about my Project Life pages at all! My last post was up to week 18, way back in May. I got a little bit behind on actually creating the spreads for a couple of months this summer, but one day I powered through and got completely caught up. Since then, I haven't gotten more than a couple of weeks behind. Proof I've still been doing this project:

Project Life update: weeks 19-49

Digital Project Life has been a lot easier this year since I have been using the exact same template all year. Remembering that I have pages to fill helps remind me to take pictures: take more photos than you think you need, snap photos of anything and everything. The worst weeks are the ones where I don't take enough pictures and the slots are hard to fill.

Looking back on these spreads is always a treat, and by having this record of our life, I remember more things. I guess that's why I keep doing it. I'm pretty good at abandoning/failing projects that I start, but this simple form of memory keeping is now like an extension of my brain. I don't want to lose it!

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