Friday, March 06, 2015

Get EXCITED Fridays : videos, dolls, and thumbs

It's been awhile since I've done a nice Get Excited link round-up. It's time for a little more energy around here!

  • I made this video! You probably didn't know that I really like editing video. I'm not claiming to be any good at it, but I enjoy it nonetheless. During Soul Flower's trip to Las Vegas a couple weeks ago, I shot video clips with my iPhone and edited it together. And I made the song in GarageBand! Pros right now are shaking their heads at my n00bness, but whatevs. I enjoyed it. 
  • Two thumbs up for this Vegan Guide that addresses FAQs about a vegan diet. Whatever questions (or excuses) you have about veganism, get some answers and info in this guide. Good stuff. Also, Vegan Sidekick shares awesome anti-sugar-coated comics about veganism. I wish everybody could see his stuff!
  • Tree Change Dolls! This lady buys old dolls (think: Bratz) and gives them earthy, natural makeovers. So good.
  • The Local Branch. I met these two at the POOL Tradeshow in Las Vegas in February, and they were super down-to-earth. Their story is remarkable: they have a line of clothing and accessories that they produce in their trailer while traveling around the US. They totally make me want to pack up my life and roam the countryside, exploring places and making stuff. Jelly.
  • I'm becoming a big fan of marketing/hustle genius Gary Vaynerchuk. Watch his videos for a motivational kick.
  • Lately I've been consuming all of what Sean McCabe has been putting out there: podcast, videos, blog posts... this guy is prolific and on-point.
  • A couple weeks ago I learned the official name for what I always thought were my fucked-up thumbs: Brachydactyly type D (aka Clubbed Thumb). And there's an entire photo album! This might seem weird to you guys, but please know that I've had thumbs like these my entire life and people always commented about how "weird" they are. So I thought I was just weird. But it's a thing! This is perspective-changing!

That's all for today. Happy Friday!

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