Monday, March 09, 2015

Starting my 3rd year of digital Project Life & keeping it simple

The very first digital Project Life 2-page weekly recap I ever made was in the first week of January 2013. That year I made 52 spreads. Then again in 2014 I made spreads for every week of the entire year. 2015 is another year and I can't stop now! I'm on a crazy good roll with keeping up with this project. I haven't felt like sharing individual page spreads lately, but here's an update at a glance (the last couple weeks of 2014 up to week 9 of this year):


The main reason I've been able to keep up with making these digital scrapbook pages every week is that I've simplified my process down to the bare minimum and I keep my layout template the same. I know some people like digital scrapbooking because it's fun to use lots of different digital papers, embellishments, and elements, but that type of scrapbooking inherently takes more time to finish. My weekly Project Life spreads aren't about experimenting with fun patterned paper and interesting layouts; it's about documenting my life and activities in a simple photo-based way.

My layouts are always the same, although I do make little tweaks when I feel like it.
Here's how I'm formatting every page spread:


I keep the headers the same so that when I'm flipping back through dozens of pages, I can tell at a glance what week it is. I keep one big spot for journaling to encourage myself to write at least something.

In 2015, I've been trying to include a weekly Currently card. I printed out a stack of cards and I keep them in my desk drawer. I set a recurring event on my calendar to pop up a reminder every Wednesday at 10am - write a Currently card! When the reminder goes off, I pull out a card and try to fill it out immediately, aiming for getting it done quickly and not thinking too much about it. Then I snap a quick picture of the card on something I'm working on (like a drawing) or next to something that describes my week (like on top of my keyboard). This completes the perfect trifecta for my header: calendar with week number, headline and journaling, and a Currently card photo.


You can get Currently cards in both paper or digital from rukristin.

The simple 3x4 calendar cards I made myself and are available for free digital download here.

Here's to another great year of memory making and memory keeping!


  1. I've always liked your clean and tidy layout - very nice. I've been looking for something like the stitches but can't find any like that - may I ask where you got those from??

    1. Thanks, craftyvox! I think the stitches are from here:

      I used one of the Photoshop brushes and created one big long stitch, put a drop shadow on it, and saved it as a standalone PSD file. Then I dropped it into my layout and repeated it to make the grid. I use the same one every week.

    2. Oh thanks for that link Leiah! :)


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